Where is the ROI sweet spot in a 6 dollar corn market?
7 Jun 244m 59s

Chad Henderson is back on his $6 corn plot to talk about how his plan has changed from the $4 corn plot that he talked about in an earlier video. So what changes in Chad's plan?

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00:00 Hey y'all. It's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're here at the field day again, and now we're in front of the $6 corn budget program. 00:08 We're sitting here, we got $6 spend. I'm feeling better already. We was back there at four and I was trying to climb on top 00:14 of the tent and jump off, you know, and now we're up here at six and I'm like, I can breathe. This is gonna work. I can do this. 00:21 You know me and you're feeling good. Galen's trying to, you know, like, this ain't gonna work. You're gonna go broke. He's 00:26 Starting to get nervous. I ain't getting nervous. Even his $6. Still a little nervous checks. 00:30 I know you're, you have ascended attitude and I just don't know if you have a checks and balances or not. 00:35 I do not have a checks and balances. I can promise you that I'm working on it. I think by the end of my career is farming. No. 00:42 Okay, so we went from 50 pounds of fertilizer. Now we're able to go to 125 pound of fertilizer. Now we're getting more meat. And when I say this, 00:50 remember this is all strip tilled, so we're putting it in a strip, putting it in a zone. So that's what's the first thing we was able to do 00:56 on the infra rate. We went up from four gallon to six. Six gallon, right? I believe so. Yep. Either way we got about three different 01:03 numbers, but all we did was kept the infra rate the same and we just bumped the gallons up on it. 01:07 We had more money to spend. So then we'll, we'll start trickling in. There's more things, but we we're just starting upping 'em. 01:12 We get another folder in this one. Yep. I think the next one will get two more fers in. Yep. We added some micros to the side dress application, 01:19 getting some additional nutrients out there. That's right. And we didn't randomly come up with the budgets. 01:24 I mean, if you kinda look at how we, uh, approach this is we're assuming 250 bushel the AC corn. That's right. Right. That's what we feel like. 01:33 So then we're just applying the price to it and you know, when a guy's looking at a budget, it's not a bad idea to look out their, 01:40 that expected revenue, which for this plot would be $1,500, 20% of that 1500 was 300. 01:46 So that's kinda what we locked you into. Are you gonna live within It's right. We're Gonna live within, it's me 01:50 and Stephanie's already wrote the program. We're gonna live within that. I'm saying now I'm going to stay with the program. 01:56 I'm not gonna get happy when we get a rain and be like, oh, it needs another failure. Nope, we're in the program. But yeah, that's a good point. 02:02 You know, that we come about this with a percentage in mind with a cost in mind. So it's just not a random number out there. 02:08 We're stuck to that budget. I think when we done this budget was we, within 50 cents, 02:11 we were working, we was really close. We were really close and she would, we was on the phone and I'm like, well, how much more do I have? 02:16 Well, you have eight more dollars. I said, oh, gimme another quarter of micro 500. Gimme another pin and a half. 02:21 And, and so that's how you come about. That is a great point though. When you found money, what made you say micro 500? 02:28 Why did you go there? That's part of the decision process. So that's exactly right. So when we look at it, you know, 02:34 everybody, I wouldn't say everybody, but we always feel like people think that population and nitrogen and we make corn. 02:41 There are a lot of other things in it and you know, we get one shot in the last one to put micronutrients in. 02:48 Okay, well this one I get two shots and we've seen that We need micros, we need micros, we need micros. 02:54 It's just not all about MP and K. That was where my mind went. I mean, you just illustrated the process perfectly with 03:01 that statement because for some reason when Stephanie told you you've got eight more dollars, your mind over the years had developed some 03:11 sort of value with micronutrients. Well, how did you do that? Like, what makes you feel confident that's 03:16 that's the best $8 you could have used? Well, you know, this is gonna be bad, Stephanie, this is gonna be real bad. 03:23 So through our years of tissue sampling, you know, we see that there's other things on the chart besides NP and K. 03:29 Absolutely. So when you bring all the nutrients up or bring them in or look at 'em and a level or in a, um, keeping 'em all uniform, then you notice when 03:41 to bring other nutrients in. And that's where my mind's went over the last 10 years or so. 03:44 You know, we, we start focusing on that at, at $4 corn. If you had $8 left, what would you have spent it on? 03:49 Do you know? Where were you running short nitrogen? Where, where do you feel like you were? No, I mean we just don't, you know, over the, 03:54 over the last two or three years especially, you know, we feel like that our nitrogen, we've got a lot of good products that we can put in with nitrogen, 04:00 you know, to keep that stable. And we still feel like it would've been mind, I was wanting more sureca, 04:05 Say we did more potass. That's, I want, you know, because at this stage that's like what we're looking at right now. 04:10 This corn is wanting potassium right now. Mm-Hmm. So we, we would've put went with Sure K on that one. This one was another. Sure. 04:16 K and micro 500 blend actually. Right. But, but, but you just, you just said that decision was different. 04:22 $4. Sure. K was up here when, when Stephanie said you got $8, this $6 corn, Chad, you said micros. 04:27 Yep. And that is the point of this. Yep, that's exactly right. We, we was wanting to get more bang for our buck 04:33 with more things in one, but you know, we, we've, we've balanced a lot of stuff with our soil stuff and then we're looking at that triggers 04:40 and balancing with a Micro, imagine if you had $8 car in Chad. We're gonna show you 04:44 in just a minute, we're gonna show you like, you're gonna be fall out. Like it's gonna be like, anybody got an idea right here? 04:51 Well, let's go talk about it. Let's go.

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