XtremeAg Monthly Farming Webinars

Tune in each month for new insights discussion and information on making your farming operation more profitable. Each month the XtremeAg team provides valuable insights into the methods, techniques and tips they utilize on their farms every day to improve ROI and boost crop yields. From farm equipment, agronomy, soil health, crop protection, grain marketing, populations, and more, the XtremeAg webinars put you at the table with some of America's most successful farmers. Our Live webinars are open to all, but you must be an XtremeAg member to access our comprehensive library of past webinars.

Maximizing Corn & Soybean Yields By Spoon-Feeding Fertilizer

Thursday, May 2, 2024, 6:00 p.m CDT

How much of the nutrients you apply are truly absorbed by your crops? And how can you determine this? Is there a way to reduce fertilizer costs while boosting crop yields?

XtremeAg invites you to a webinar on May 2nd that delves into the nuanced art and science of precisely delivering nutrition to your crops.

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