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Join our XtremeAg network of farmers and you’ll learn about the methods, techniques, and proven field practices used by North America’s top farmers use to push yields, ROI and farming profits. As an XtremeAg member you’ll have direct access to real farmers, sharing real results and real successes. At an annual cost of $750, there really is no better way to bolster your farming operation.

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Ask Questions About Your Own Farm

Enhance your farming operations with exclusive online Q&A sessions and personalized interactions with the experienced XtremeAg (XA) team. Engage directly with our expert XA growers and receive tailored guidance to overcome challenges on your farm.

Exclusive Access to Premium Content

Gain member-only access to XtremeAg's comprehensive farming expertise. Discover key strategies in soil and tissue sampling, product trials, data analysis, and equipment reviews. Learn about effective seed selection, fertilizer use, planting strategies, cover crops, and nutrient management. Get advanced insights into irrigation, tillage, and practical problem-solving, all designed to boost your farm's success.

Year End Data Results

Unlock full access to detailed harvest data from all XtremeAg farms. Analyze results from multiple trials encompassing a variety of products and farming techniques. Benefit from XtremeAg's extensive research to strategically plan for a successful season ahead.

Exclusive Access to XtremeAg's Premier Offerings and Events

Experience direct access to exclusive offerings from XtremeAg, alongside our esteemed sponsors and partners. Receive special invitations to our monthly XtremeAg webinars, covering diverse topics crucial to boosting your farm's ROI. Additionally, enjoy premier access to exclusive Q&A sessions at select agricultural events and field days, providing an unparalleled opportunity to deepen your farming knowledge and network with industry experts.

I placed first in Illinois in the National Wheat Foundation’s wheat yield contest!! Could not have done it without XtremeAg's advice!! Thank you very much! The $750.00 membership was well worth it!!

Kurt Sudholt - Member
1st Place Illinois National Wheat Yield Contest 2023 State Winner

Membership Details

1 year access to valuable tools, resources, events, and one-on-one support for your farm:

  • Access to the Private Member Website Community.

  • Access to Real Time Content from the XtremeAg.farm team as the season progresses.

  • Learn from the XtremeAg.farm team as they share insights on hundreds of topics relevant to your farm’s success including soil and tissue sampling, new products, product trials, data analysis, equipment reviews, equipment set-up, seed selection, fertilizer ratios and mixes, fertility, planting populations, cover crops, biologicals, micro and macro nutrient applications, irrigation, tillage techniques, problem solving and much more.

  • Full-Access to tutorial, product and field report videos and articles focused on providing you with the right information to make decisions that increase ROI on your farm.

  • Full-Access to product trial Information and results.

  • Monthly webinars on a wide range of topics that are relevant to increasing your farm’s ROI.

  • Access to the online Q&A with the XtremeAg.farm team about your farming operations. Exclusive offerings from XtremeAg.farm sponsors and partners.

  • Free Subscription to Successful Farming (subject to qualify).

  • Access to exclusive Q&A sessions at select agricultural events.

Annual Membership Price: $750.00

XtremeAg Members in the 2023 NCGA Corn Yield Contest

Member Spotlight:

Russ Uselton, A first generation farmer and member of XtremeAg featured on one of our XtremeAg podcasts hosted by Damian Mason. Russ shares his story of how and why he became a farmer.

Why I joined XtremeAg? The benefits I got—new ideas, different ideas, and being able to talk to other farmers. It doesn’t matter where you are at, where you are from or what kind of farming practices you do. Everyone will take the time to help you, answer your questions and get you answers to help improve your farming operation. The biggest benefit is the friendships I have made.

Andy Hubenthal—Member
Lucerne, IN


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Kelly helped me put together a program for test corn. In a 30 acre block we split the acres in half and did our full normal fertility. In the other half we reduced our Nitrogen 25 lbs. and our Phosphorus 12 ½. In our test we had a 31 bu increase over our gsp with full fertility program and on the reduced fertility we were 26 bu ahead of our gsp. Then on the remaining field we did a post chemical spray and areal application and got a 14 bu better than our gsp. Doing a little math, we end up with a 17 bu increase just off the in-furrow plan. I am really happy with our results and I am looking forward to working with Kelly and the XtremeAg group again next year.

Nelson Rentz—1st year Member
Guymon, OK