Matt Miles

McGehee, AR


Furrow Irrigated Corn


Furrow Irrigated Soybeans


Furrow Irrigated Cotton


Zero-Grade/Furrow/Row Irrigated Rice


Cover Crops

About Matt Miles

Matt Miles is a 4th generation farmer in the delta region of southeast Arkansas. Together with his wife SK, their son Layne and his wife Ryane, he farms 10,000 acres of cotton, corn, soybeans, rice, and wheat. Matt is mostly known for his achievements in soybeans, setting the Arkansas state yield record multiple times. Although soybeans are his passion, he also has several state NCGA corn wins. Matt says while winning contests are rewarding, his goal is to be consistent. It has made him think outside the box to maximize yields and have a positive ROI. He is continually working towards developing a sustainable farm for preservation towards the next generations to come. He gives all the credit of his successes to God and the team he works with.

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