You Might Have This Issue With Your Conceal Knife-Tip. Kevin has a fix.

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1 Jun 221 min 33 secPremium Content

Kevin shares a modification that he applies to his Conceal that prevents the knife-tip from clogging up.  

You Got It remake Field Report here today the conceal which puts their two by two fertility between the gauge wheels and the middle of them It's actually three inches off. At 800 acres we started getting this a lot of stopping up and you can see where it wires to one side. and the you got a choice you can go ahead and replace the tip which is expensive and 800 acres is ridiculous mobile wiring that in our no chills. See where it stops it up. So what we've done was took Milwaukee cut off saw. Took a rubber strap hooked into the gauge wheel lifted it up and we cut it off down to the hard surface. And right there at that hard surface. We wanted to leave at the way they do that right there. That hole comes out even at the back. So even last time when you said you plant her down on the ground to fill up and stop him holes up. That should be recessed back. So that's kind of what I've done here. I've made a recess on it. And that recess is to help keep it so that when you set it on the ground it don't stop that whole. But I'll be talking with them at precision and see if we can't do a product Improvement on that. That's that's pretty sorry design. But anyhow, that's a way to extend the life on them things and keep running but 800 acres that's pretty ridiculous. Y'all stay safe.

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