Xyway in Soybeans?
25 Apr 231 min 41 sec


has become a grower standard practice for Kelly's corn acres, but this season he will be trialing the systemic fungicide on his bean acres.  Here is what you need to know about applications.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I'm here with my good friend and agronomist. Mike busing Windy Ridge egg. We're gonna talk 00:06 to you about ziway but not in corn like we have been before this is Highway and soybeans not corn. It's a 00:12 new approach a new use for this product. Yeah, so, you know, we've all we've all kind of grown to love ziway and 00:18 corn. So now let's let's give it a shot in soybeans and see we see so some of the same things that we'll go over quick, you know, as I 00:27 weighing corn we want to make sure we're a half inch off a seed if we're going in Furrow or an or in a two by two same thing 00:33 with soybeans here same same use rate. We're going out at 15.8 ounces. One of the big things that we really want to look at ziway on 00:42 soybeans is frog eye leaf spot. So frog at least spot, we've seen a lot of resistance to our strobe fungicides. So 00:51 this being a different mode of action different AI really excited about that as we see some resistance, so, 01:00 Also, the nice thing with ziway is season long systemic control. Absolutely. I was just gonna say that yeah, so hopefully we see 01:09 the same things that we see in corn, you know that more robust rip masks, you know better more efficient and 01:15 nutrient uptake. I'm really excited about I think almost everything in our industry is focused on corn. It's the Holy Grail of farming. Yeah, and I think there's a lot more low-hanging fruit 01:24 and soybeans. I think we have more potential and soybeans. It's exciting to see FMC pushing a product out like this for that health and soybeans because I think 01:33 there's more yield gains there. Thanks. Yeah, absolutely.

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