Xtreme Ag Labs: A Systems Approach
2 Jun 222 min 24 sec

Kelly talks with the AgXplore agronomy team about the system approach that AgXplore is using on his farm this season and what is expected from each of the planter applied products.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg. I'm here today with Brent and gunny of AG Explorer. We're gonna talk about the extreme AG lab that we put in floor AG 00:09 Explorer. The first product we use was Octane and furl and the second product we use was Inferno in the 2x2 Queen. All right guys, so when you think about the importance 00:18 of a starter fertilizer a starter fertilizer is to get a crop and get it up and get it going and get it all the way through that V5 time 00:24 frame. There's many components that are important to think about and starter fertilizers one your nutrition and to your 00:30 your technology technology to me is the thing that most of us miss in agriculture is that piece that we can use to enrich the germination in the early season establishment. 00:39 What we did with with octane is octane is a sugar-based carbohydrate product High carbohydrate product. That's that's combined 00:48 with two technologies of ours one is a and take technology that works to drive nutrition inside of a plant and then another one is a Inception technology 00:58 that works with the absorption. Nutrition inside that plant so you think about your your pop-up starter fertilizer that you used? What we did is we put 01:06 a technology the technology that came out of octane it helped the absorption into that plant and then the 01:12 intake technology drives that nutrition early in that in that that setting of that seed and that establishment to get it up and get it going. 01:19 Inferno in the 2x2. Oh burn on two by two is a carbon source. So it does a lot with guns talk about has. Human can fulvic acid inside of it and it's really going 01:28 to be there to help dry the Plant Nutrition side that plant again and also is paired with a couple Technologies or intake and Inception and really 01:34 that's all about taking those micronutrients. You guys are putting in your two by two hold it there and helping drive it through that root system get it 01:40 up in that plant help become more efficient and move it and mobilize it. an extreme AG lab is a 01:46 Systems approach from a company so throughout the summer throughout the growing season. We'll be applying other products on this field from these guys in a trial-based manner, 01:55 you know, for instance my son Connor ran the planner here. We have both systems going two by two and Inferno. We 02:02 shot one off. We shut the other one off. We showed them both off to see what the ROI is on every product and be 02:08 great data and research here that we're conducting. You know, I'm onward later in the season things like that that will be here to show the full AG Explorer systems 02:17 package. Excellent. Thank you.

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