4 Jan 232 min 1 sec

Kevin talks about the steps he takes to perform winter maintenance on his sprayer nozzles. 

Pentair Hypro

00:00 For winter maintenance we do at extreme AG. I hope you do it on your farm is we try to Pull all our nozzles tips strainers out of her booms 00:08 and we're going to take them in over winter. We're gonna clean them real good take them apart inspect them. 00:14 Good time to decide maybe you need to replace those nozzles and tips and it's always good. It gives you a chance to see what 00:20 you're getting built up in. I use this pool skimmer basket and little screwdriver, but we'll take this pool skimmer 00:29 basket. I like it because I can take a water hose. And pressurize it and spray and get all clean. These nozzles real good get to debris out and then 00:39 they dry and it real good. So we keep these on our sprayers this like say we just go to Lowe's Home Depot use local local hardware 00:48 store something that's got pool supplies. And it's just a skimmer basket and it works really good for this, you know, obviously we will 00:56 run antifreeze through this system here and that way if we need to park it outside or something in a shed. It's not in a climate controlled environment, then we 01:05 don't have to worry about everything freezing and busting and got to be sure and run your agitation real good if you 01:11 got a boom or a boom rinse or if you got a spray tank rinse, it's really good. Remember open all in valves run 01:20 that antifreeze through every system on everything on these sprayers don't matter if you got a three-point hitch sprayer if you gotta 01:28 Hey you like we're running or any other support sprayer there. It's all plumbing. And then you need to protect it and it just makes 01:34 life a lot better next spring when you get to get out in the field and go back at it and plant that next crop. We run all Pen 01:40 Air High Pro tips. But it's something really good to do pull skimmer basket Easy Clean easy to drip get 01:48 them dry clean them up. If you have any questions just send us an email. We'll help you any way we can stay safe.

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