Will this applicator change Kelly's View on Dry Fertilizer?
12 Dec 225 min 4 sec

Kelly and Mike have never been a big fan of dry fertilizer due to the fact that the traditional application methods have never really aligned with the precision agriculture that they practice. But, that might change after trialing the new

Fendt Rogator

 with the Airmax Precision Boom system. Mike and Kelly talk about the trials they are conducting with dry fertilizer this fall.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG. We're here today in one of my Fields. Just west of my shop with the fent rogator. This 00:06 is actually the machine that was down at Chad's this summer as a sprayer, but through some exciting technology that fed has it only takes a couple hours and they've got 00:15 the dry box switched on to this for us for Mike Evans. And I to do some trial work that we wanted to do with some new calcium products some Boron different things were putting out. I'm gonna 00:24 let Dave tell you a little bit about the machine. Yeah, thanks so much guys. So like you said, this is the machine we had down in Alabama. What we 00:30 did is we we took the machine we bring it in and in a couple hours we can combo this or swap the systems. So we go from a liquid system. We now have what we call an Air 00:39 Max Precision on this machine. We also can put float tires on it. And then you have a dual system, right? You have that control we want to give the control back to the farmer the 00:48 customer. So with this system, like I said, we can go from anywhere from maybe 20 pounds the acre up to 850 or more, right? So that gives you guys a whole 00:57 range of flexibility there and the fact that Can take this machine it can run in the spring can run in the summer can be raised up. Right? We don't have it raised up 01:06 now, but we can raise it up in the summer and then come in in the fall do this dry application with you guys. And with one machine you have all that control in the system and I 01:15 always talk about calcium and and potash and potassium and and these Hills we want to do some Precision work, you know trials and stuff and Spinners don't 01:24 really Kind of give us that kind of precision we're looking for anyways, especially in these Hills. So when you came to us 01:31 with this machine, I was pretty exciting because we're working on some new calcium products. One of them was a dry. And well I wanted to do some replicated trials, 01:37 you know, some high rates some zero rates, you know and a certain like 10 acre block we use the calcium and one of the Bands is two Bend machine. We got potash in 01:46 there and then we got a little bit of boron in the micro bin and and we're replicating some trials. We're putting these two products together 01:52 separate and we're working on our cation balance of the soil. So we're trying to figure out a few things and I wanted to be able to high rates. I think we're at 600 pounds 02:01 on the Coliseum 200 on the potassium goes it to zero. So we're doing that when 300 foot change. So as we go through we want to make sure we're hitting 02:10 it right and not in this machine it obviously is performing like we wanted it to so that's that's why we're we're excited today. It's a little windy. I show you down if you didn't. 02:19 Yeah, and it's yeah and it's putting it. It's putting it right down to the ground. So that's when we do trial work. Want to try to be as precise, we came and farming obviously 02:28 so so on the other things, you know, obviously we're if you look behind us. We're on a creek bed Kelly's got quite a few of those on his Farms a lot of Curves and stuff Contours. 02:38 So turn in and back it into stuff, you know fertilizer prices are. Keep climbing up as we go along, you know potash is 02:46 up there. So we don't we throwing it in a crick when we're by alongside of it. This machine allows us to do that where our Spinners a little less control obviously, so ran it 02:56 up along a Creek today and and was really nice. So back in and out a corners and stuff just like running a sprayer. Really. Yeah. So 03:04 once we put the map in into the Viper the control piece of it was really what makes this machine fairly unique as well the final drives 03:14 for the main bins. Give us great control. So that's where we can go down to 20 pound rate all the way up to an 800 pound rate. If we need to the main 03:26 part of that is that the rate sensor is now incorporated into the drive motor itself. And so if goes from what we used to use as a 360 03:35 pulse rate sensor now, it's an 880. So that's where that resolution really comes in and allows us to control at low speeds low rates as 03:44 well as being able to climb up to high rates without having to make any changes on to the machine. Yeah. That's I just don't understand 03:50 as I slow down into the In few digits Kelly's got you know, it would it didn't take long for a lock back on to rate and when you speed 03:58 up same scenario. Yeah, and another part that works with it, especially on this ground where you're in and out of these Corners 04:04 around this Creek bed and everything is that it is compensated for the application as well. So as 04:10 the machine is turning it will slow down the inside chain and speed up the outside chain to bagger balance the 04:16 product being put out and make sure that we're staying as close on target as they can. The dry box itself too can 04:22 be used in later Seasons. If you're doing some split applications of your nitrogen, we have drop tubes that go on the Booms 04:28 that allow you to lay that in there. We have people looking at doing cover crops with it as well in season. So 04:34 just kind of opens up a lot of different doors. I'm excited to see the results. We haven't done a lot of dry fertility here because 04:40 I just really don't like the technology that was there with spinners to put it on but I was excited to see this. Mike was excited to see it again to 04:49 see what the trial results turn out what you help with the better placement of fertility we have here. I'm I'm really a lot more open to the idea of dry fertilizer 04:58 and I appreciate you guys coming out. So thanks for having us.

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