Why You Need This Nozzle In Your Arsenal
8 Apr 237 min 32 sec

Temple Rhodes ditched the streamer bar, started using this

Pentair Hypro Streamer Nozzle

 on his wheat and increased his efficiency and yields.

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00:00 Hey, we're talking now about sprayer nozzles. You're saying oh my goodness. I've heard about sprayer nozzles so much from extreme agbook. We're talking about streamer sprayer. 00:06 Nozzle something. You probably don't use it should be a tool in Your Arsenal Nick flights with pins air 00:12 has been on our air a number of times and he's got an ambassador. If you will for why you need a streamer nozzle in your sprayer Arsenal 00:21 and simple roads is that in Master Temple, you are one of our recordings talked about putting nitrogen on wheat and making sure that nice and 00:30 gets down to the wheat. You said Damian a lot people use the wrong nozzle and they're burning their wheat talk to me. So the 00:36 reason we switch this so we switch to Stringer bars a while ago and let me just tell you the difference between a screamer bar and extreme or nozzles. So we did the bars years ago trying to 00:45 improve the efficiency, right? So we're trying to get you the dirt. We're not trying to get it all over the leaves. We're not trying to emulsify you 00:51 mean the match that make sure you want me to the soil which is the salt blue, right? Yeah. So we're trying to get yourself away from that, right? Yes a normal nozzle. 00:59 It gets all over the foliage exactly. So with normal that when that's normal for you, you get some type of burn. So then you have a lesion. So with a lesion 01:08 you leave oh from poor on the on the surface, right? So you're leaving rain to maybe it's densely at some point have some type of fun to fungus 01:17 come in. So that might happen you I'm not saying it it does. I'm just saying it potentially can so they changed things. So I went I started 01:26 with stream bars and you're here streaming bar and a streamer stream bar basically the bottom of here and it's a bar about 01:35 that long and it has holes and the bars like that big the problem was is when you folded up the booms and you went down the road and you went that next door. It's very Lamborghini. We 01:44 get sideways or you'll hit something it'll break the whole these novel bodies are expensively when you're talking about the new ones that we have 01:53 after that. Yeah, so we kind of went away from that and they come out with the extreme nozzles and these 01:59 dream Nozzles, they do the exact same thing and it's just like a tip. It's very very simplified and it's real economical for us. And by the way, I never heard about a streamer 02:08 bar Nick. He's talking about something that then attaches. It's almost like a dangling light fixture. It's hanging down there. You can see where it'd 02:14 be fraught with all kinds of potential problems you bang into something. This novels are right sticks down. Yeah and it hangs down 02:20 like a tea. Yeah and you catch it in the crop. You can catch it on the brush. If everybody runs a boom into 02:26 the ground. We're in the ditch. There's I guess what's interesting is we normally think about a sprayer. Okay a full year application you want to have lots of distribution you and I have talked about that droplet 02:35 size getting it on the plant. You don't want an extra getting on the plant you want to get in the dirt. You don't want that type of coverage brand nitrogen you 02:44 wanted to get into the sun we stung about the lesions reducing the photo synthetically very as well and you get 02:50 that leaf burn. So Trying to minimize that polar contact get it down into the soil really the purpose of the 02:56 street market talk to me about the stream nozzle and then I want to Another question about why it's not getting more widely adopted. Let's 03:02 talk about the actual nozzle first. It looks to me like it's like sorry ours is called the SI. It's 03:08 got six solid streams that you can see again reducing that folder Leaf coverage. We're shutting it down into the soil. I'm gonna put them on every nozzle 03:17 body. So you're gonna get a little bit overlap between the two there. It's tradition 110 degree 03:23 wide pattern. So once one stream from this this nozzle gets to that one over there, but then we're getting a good adequate coverage kind of like Temple saying my favorite 03:32 thing about is convenience. Yeah don't have to take it off when you fold your boom up. You can leave it on all year switch 03:38 to get your herbicides brand fungicide spraying whatever it is. You can turn that on the body and leaving on all the years. So it's saves you time. It saves 03:47 you effort down having to take them put them on and off. Yeah an effort but more importantly what you're talking about. It gets the product we're exposed to be you don't want nice and holding 03:56 up on your leaves. So I'll give you another thing so, you know. 03:59 We try to buffer all the salt right? So we use other humid products, you know that we mix in with our salt load which would be your our fertilizer. So we'll 04:08 take and we'll put that that fumic in there with it to even alleviate even more burn but it also ends up in the soil where we want humics 04:17 in our soil because it's good for our biology. Right? So all these things are synergetic we're making stuff happen here 04:23 and we're not keeping it on the reap but woman give you one more thing so years ago when we go back when I first started using these everybody around 04:32 us is being using pgr, but not the pgr that we talk about it every mag all time. I'll pgr that controls the growth because everybody's worried about 04:41 wheat and small cereal small grains and cereal crop. They're large really easy. Right? It's no good when it's in the dirt right when it lays over can't come by and just 04:50 wait all these problems crowding issues, especially as we as yields get bigger your heads get heavier and therefore a big tall the more energy. 04:59 You put on it, the more we were getting, you know, it was falling over when we switched the streamer nozzles, and I don't know why but when we switched our efficiency changed 05:08 so much we added to our Starfall. So when we installed quality like that, I don't use a bunch of chemistry at pgr, you know, there's Palisade their 05:17 surround there's a bunch of different ones that you can use to control that height. And I'm one of the only ones in a high yield environment. I don't use them. I just use dream or not. 05:26 Nick so I was one thing I want to say it's about lodging. Okay, you think about our regular spray or conventional sprayer without turn compensation 05:35 in those turns those areas. We're always kind of over applying in those corners of fields when you're overpind nitrogen. You can see some lodging issues in those 05:44 corners of the fields. I like that. These are pwm compatible. So if you have pwm on your sprayer and you have 05:50 that turn compensation feature the meter that out and get a more even dose across your field. I've seen that also help 05:56 reduce lodging people. Yeah often lodging and on to the streamer now, so you use it on nitrogen application on wheat it have other usages on the farm 06:05 at Temple roads. Sure. You can use it anywhere. I don't utilize it anywhere else because that's what I bought them for. Yeah specifically for that particularly for that. 06:14 Like I have a herbicide one. I got a scream or nozzle. I have a fun decide you like I really only use three one 06:20 three up. Yeah one where you want lots of whatever here's our friends. So we got Matt miles down in Arkansas all our 06:26 Buddy, it's so mad doesn't have to on his form plant. So guess what? He's doing. He's gonna set his up where he's putting them down every 30 inches 06:35 and he's going to use streamers and he's gonna apply his fertility ahead of the planter and planting it. So he's 06:41 using it for his two but two so he's accomplishing something, you know, a putting a tube or 06:47 two on a corn planter. Is it really expensive? Yeah, you've got tanks you got pumps you got hoses. You got checked out. 06:53 You have all this mechanical ability all this stuff this guy going there mechanically or you can just you know, just use this. Yeah, so you're already gonna 07:02 go across it with a spray rig why not just and with these things now, it's got five different nozzle selections. 07:08 Why not make streamers one of your selections? Exactly. All right simple roads. His name is Nick flies with Pentair. 07:14 I'm Damian Mason we're talking about when to use these creamer nozzle. The point is you're going across the field. Why don't you get the product the products expensive your time is worth a 07:23 lot of money. The equipment is worth a lot of money and get the product needs to be you. For the buck. Thank you Temple.

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