Why is Jake So Happy?
18 Apr 230 min 59 sec

Kelly jumps into the cab with his brother-in-law Jake as he is planting

Integra 5529

 using his


 system from CapstanAg.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme egg here with my brother-in-law Jake. We're planting Integra hybrid number 00:06 55-29. It's a hundred and five day hybrid that Jake and I like to put in early we can get it out early take advantage of some basis opportunities with the 00:15 local ethanol plants with the good dry down that 5529 has and we can get our cows turned out on stocks early 00:21 and get them out of the pastures. Also today. We want to visit with you about the caps and egg system selection. But first I got to tell you Jake is the 00:30 most patient person. I know if you want to know how do I know that because he's married to my sister and she's tougher than old meat, 00:36 but the select shot system doesn't take patience. It integrates beautifully into the tracker monitors. You don't have another screen in 00:42 the cab and the system also helps us save 30% on our info fertility that makes people like Jake really happy.

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