Why is Heath Cutrell Excited About This Ground?
21 Apr 231 min 17 sec

Heath takes a break from planting corn and defending his NCGA Title to talk about what he likes about this former potato farm.

00:00 Hey guys, Heath future here, Southeastern, Virginia Chesapeake with extreme AG. We're actually here on a farm that I got about. 00:12 A year ago we planted soybeans on it. It's right up against the Great Dismal Swamp. This land is used to grow potatoes. So 00:21 it's really rich high fertility ground turn around and show you some of the way the ground how black it is. So anyways, 00:30 we're excited. We're planting corn on it today. Oh, it's about a 300 Acre Farm. We are planting Decalb 00:39 6606 and DeKalb 6835 on it. So we're really excited to see what this Farm does. I'm excited because 00:50 it's always been known to be a really good Farm. We're pushing really high populations on this Farm anywhere from 38,000 to 42,000. 01:00 And we've actually maximized our fertility on it as well. So be back and check with you guys and see where 01:09 it goes through the growing season. Thank you.