21 Jul 231 min 36 sec

Chad explains why his tile field needs a lift station and your field may not.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and you know, we, you hear me talking about these, uh, the tile and deal and these lift stations. 00:07 So this lift station here is what we have to use because of, of the gray to the ground. I guess you'd say, you know, wherewhere, we need to, 00:15 f tile is flat and, or it's in a, or it's in a bottom and the outlet is a ditch or whatever, and it's zero if you will. You know, 00:25 so that's where we're running a lot of this tile and the topography is causing us to have to do that. So look at the lift station as like a tool in a toolbox. 00:33 You know, it's necessary to make the tile do its job, but uh, you know, when, and it's, and it, and we have different style pumps, you know, 00:41 according to the acreage we're going to use, we'll have anywhere from a three to a five to seven and half to a 10 horsepower pump on, on these plots according to how many acres is gonna be behind it. 00:51 So the pump's in there about 10 feet deep and then it'll just smoke it right on up outta there. 00:55 So some of these lift stations that we're gonna be working with in the future here, 00:59 the next one we're gonna get may be a solar deal because we're getting to where we've got three or four of these even on the same farm and we're trying to work 01:07 through that to figure out what's the best option because, and get 'em at a, at a better rate, you know, even like cheaper because they're cost effective. 01:14 And it kind of adds up on the cost per acre cost when you start putting these in. So we're looking at a solar option now also where you don't have power 01:22 available. So we'll be testing those coming to you and, uh, we'll let you know what's coming out and I'll shoot you a video on the solar 01:28 option whenever I see it there. Thank you.

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