How Chad Uses His Strip Freshener to Make His Planter More Efficient

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20 Mar 241m 6sPremium Content

Chad Henderson from XtremeAg shares insights into the timely use of a strip freshener in field preparation. Addressing the optimal window for operation, he emphasizes the importance of this step for reducing the load on the planter. By applying dry substances with the strip-till and following with a liquid application via the strip-freshener, the process streamlines his spring planting operation and takes a load off the planter. This process conditions the soil before planting, creating a level seedbed and mitigating erosion issues.

Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we picked the fire of the strip freshener up. So it's that time we should have been running probably, you know, we had a little window where we could have ridden running before, but it's definitely that time now. So we'll be, uh, running behind our strip tail. We put out dry with our strip te and then we come back with this and we put out liquid with this and all it does is take a lot of load off the planter. So we'll be down in that 12 gallon range with the planter and putting out exactly what we wanted. The strip pressure will run about 15 gallon of 28 0 0 5 and then we'll have additives in there as well for whatever conditions we're looking for out of that farm. Uh, ob obviously that's always some, some hum mix in there to help buffer that and, uh, we'll try to run this thing. We wanna get at least maybe one rain on it that kind of settles it and it gets me planting on that stale seed bed. Does a good job of leveling that seed bed up from where the strip till was and where it sit all fall so it don't have many, you know, ruts and washes where, you know, we might have got a big rain on it. Stay tuned.

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