Why Chad Needs A Steel Grain Trailer
1 Nov 231 min 5 sec

Chad talks about why he likes steel trailers for his farming operation.

00:00 Hey y'all again, it's Chad Henderson with the Extreme Ag. So we purchased a couple of these trailers and, uh, 00:05 before we started in the wheat crop, and we've run 'em through wheat and corn and into the beans. And the reason that we run these steel trailers, you know, 00:14 I'd love to have a few of those aluminum trailers, tempes or Wilson's or stuff, but we down here, 00:19 we have smaller fields and we're pulling in and outta the field all the time. And, uh, you know, 00:24 when you're crossing ditches or running them off culverts and yeah, you can say, well, maybe that's your driver's error, but, and it may be, 00:31 but we just have real narrow roads and it ain't always real easy all the time to do that. And the steel part of it is what we needed, you know, 00:38 because we make short runs, we don't make, have to make a lot of runs. We're blessed to be within 15, 20 miles of market. 00:44 But this trailer's been good to us. Um, like I said, we needed a steel trailer, we needed a good steel trailer. And, um, 00:50 the flexibility of it as far as coming out of these small fields and stuff has worked out really nice.

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