Why Are Kevin's Waterways Getting Smaller?

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29 Apr 232 min 48 secPremium Content

Kevin has noticed that his grass waterways seem to get a little smaller each season. He has figured out that it may not be the sprayer driver's fault after all.

A little different extreme AG Field Report here. Just something I've made us over the years and well, it's blaming the spray guy for killing the grass waterways and and killing the grass in the neighbor's yards and things like that, but maybe it ain't straight guys far. You know when we're planting these fields, it's really important that when we put that outside Road. against that grass Waterway for conservation or against someone's yard or driveway or maybe issue your wife's driveway that we remember that we're going to spray about two foot past the outside of that cornrow or that soybean Road and then your soybeans they're going Bush out more. So they're gonna go a little further. So then you might be three foot with your spray pattern because what happens if the spray guy Don't Spray all white Edge in the field and you get morning glories your weeds or grass you're going to complain about it and you're going to want a better job and that's something that you know, I do a lot of the spray in myself and that's one thing that I've noticed is it seems like our waterways get smaller and smaller, but then you look and the old saying here was you plant the edge in the field and I've had many landowners and and my father and uncle say you ain't always the edge of the field. Well, the problem is when you plant all way to the very edge of the field. Look here if I plant all the way over to. Right here at the edge. Then I'm going to spray. Another two foot over here and look at all the grass that I've killed. Well, that's a Waterway and that Waterway starts out at say like right there. We got a Waterway right across the field here on this one. It's got another one over there the conservation. If we keep spraying two foot over every time eventually that 30 foot Waterway or 40 foot Waterway becomes 15 foot 10 foot and then it's not there and then the areas that control the water to keep the erosion down is gone. So it's not always the spray guys fall if he sprays the edge of the field where you planted then it's I guess it comes back to me being on the planner, but I do a lot of the planting and I do a lot of the spray and and I've I blamed it on both but let's make the spray guys job easy this year and keep her land owners happy and all of our field borders happy and the nrcs happy with our erosion control Winter waterways. Just a little something different from extreme AG today here in the Yadkin River Valley you guys stay safe. See you next trip.

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