Whole Hog Cotton
1 Aug 224 min 10 sec

It's been a tough season so far in SE Arkansas.  High temperatures have made stress mitigation key to a successful crop.  Matt shows the results so far between his check strip and his cotton with Agricen's AccomplishMAX in-furrow.

00:00 Hi guys, this is Matt miles and I'm here today with Brian Cornelius from agerson. And we're here 00:06 just kind of looking at some of our cotton clots last year. We did this same thing. Actually it was on some of 00:12 the later Planet cotton we had and if you remember the story we started looking at our ndvi images and caught it right off the bat, you know, 00:22 where something was going on. And today we come out here Brian came down and I guess across not really down maybe down a 00:28 little bit and we came out here in a field. We pulled some plants and anyway. The proof Center pudding guys. This is this is 00:37 the accomplished Max. Product infer on cotton and planning. This is grower standard practice, which is 00:47 no infer whatsoever. Both of these plants have been loaded with fertility since in different kind of foliers across them good fertility chicken 00:56 litter so as far as a sole and the fertility in the soil, these have the same amount of everything the moron we put on it every 01:05 other every other thing we've done is the same except for the accomplished Max and in in Furrow, so 01:11 this just shows you, you know, kind of what we seen last year. I think last year. I'm not looking at any notes 200 plus pound 2 45 average and 01:21 I told Brian I said, this is two years in a row, you know, it's a you're pushing me to to go Whole Hog with these aggressive products. 01:30 I'm Gonna Let Brian explain exactly what accomplishments he is and what it does he can do a lot better job than I can 01:36 but I just wanted to show you the difference nine now, we're not counting squares. Blooms, okay, we're counting bowls. We think will go to 01:44 harvest right now. They should be more nine on this plant 21 on this plant. So a lot of difference in the two, so I'm gonna let Brian kind 01:53 of explain why we have so many bowls and auxiliary branches on this plant. 01:57 Thanks, Matt. And you know what we're doing with the accomplishments is we're taking about Catalyst technology 02:03 to the next level accomplish has been around for old 15 years or more and it's a product that's designed to help you 02:12 get the most out of the nutrition you put out. It's microbial base, but it is designed to help increase nutrient availability. 02:18 Well with the accomplished Max we added a stress product. So we added a seaweed in with that original accomplishment material to give 02:27 it that stress mitigation, whether it's cold in the spring heat drought right now. I think we're at 110 degrees 02:33 heat index out here right now. So it is designed to help that plant which stay in those stresses along with that nutrient provisioning to help get all of those nutrients 02:42 that you put out there into the plant to produce those bowls. I got you and here in the Delta stress relief 02:48 is a big deal, of course in the midwest that would be on cold. But yesterday I think it was a hundred and twenty 12 days. It's actually 02:57 cool. Out here today. I got sweat running down my but why aren't you sweating? I gotta know that I came from Texas. So we're right 03:03 hotter. Yeah. Yeah. There's a hundred nine temperature. Yeah, we had 119 temperature and I didn't look at the heat index because I didn't want to go outside. Yeah, but 03:12 that's what this technology is doing for us is even though this field is irrigated. That doesn't make it immune from heat stress. That's exactly so that technology 03:21 in that accomplished Max even though it was put in Federal Way planning it still helping that plant with staying the stress 03:27 this late in the season. Yeah, we're standing stress and bringing the nutrients into plant that goes the show you like I said, both of 03:33 these have the exact same nutrients. The only difference in these two plants is accomplishment. So in the 03:39 same thing last year, so I mean the person the pudding you definitely might have believe you're out of me Anderson is one of the best companies I've ever worked with great people 03:48 like Brian that come out and actually look he drove the long way just to come just to come to this right here. So we're very fortunate extreme hag to have 03:57 you but I More fortunate to have you on my farm. I appreciate it. I'm glad I came out because I got to see some good stuff there. Yeah, good deal. 04:03 Thank you all and check them out.

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