13 Jul 22

When The Corn Market’s Throwing Curve Balls, Don’t Swing For The Fences

2022 will go down as one of the most challenging years in recent memory for producers. Difficult decision making started last fall when crop mix decisions were based on a hope there would be enough fertilizer. Then early spring brought insurance decisions and huge hail events in central Nebraska which raised the question whether to abandon or replant the crop. Every time we turn the corner a new event pops up and throws another curve ball at us. Markets look to be doing the same in this very pivotal moment.

When looking at a seasonal chart of corn (showing 40, 15, and 5-year patterns), in late June we should expect to be in the upper 25% range of corn price for the year. Seasonal patterns suggest we are chasing markets lower until the end of September, not what producers want to hear.

Corn 40 Year Seasonal