When is the best time to spray ryegrass?
20 Dec 231 min 22 sec

Chad Henderson explains why he made the decision to start spraying ryegrass in the fall rather than the early spring as most farmers do. Chad explains the challenges posed by ryegrass, particularly in specific fields, and why tackling it in the fall is advantageous.

00:00 Hey, y'all, this's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're doing a little spraying today. So yes, it's first December 00:06 and what we're trying to do is kill a little bit of ryegrass. So we have a problem 00:10 with ryegrass in certain fields down here, and the best way to kill it is in the, is in the fall of the year. 00:17 So we'll catch it when it's small, you know, it'll be like a sprig, be a, you know, couple inches, two or three inches tall, and we'll take a paint 00:25 or paint half a gramoxone or a paint paint, half a roundup, and we'll run it in no late November, early December, 00:33 whenever we see a flush of it. And we have a, have had a lot more success doing that in the thaw than we have trying 00:39 to manage it in the spring. Um, it's okay to manage in the spring if you're planting soybeans or planting, uh, cotton. 00:46 But when you're planting corn and doing it, man, it gets rough because you're trying to plant your corn a little early 00:51 and then you try to manage this rye grass early. And when you manage the rye grass early, then you have to put products out that have a residual, you know, 00:58 two weeks or so, and then you get to pushing your window back. So that's why we're trying to manage all we can in the fall. 01:05 That's why we're out here spraying today. So the tip that we're using is this red one. It's ultra low drift tip from high propent air. 01:12 And, um, it's just a real simple tip to use, and it'll smoke his rye grass. Thanks a lot. Stay tuned.

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