It worked well in Soybeans, will it deliver in this wheat field?
5 Apr 241m 38s

During the spring green-up, Kevin assesses the performance of a trial he is running for FMC's Avodigen, a biofungicide/bionematicide, on his wheat crop. Having previously experienced success with in soybeans, this trial marks his first venture applying the seed treatment to wheat.

00:00 We got a field report here today. We're sand in some wheat. Had a real dry fall 00:05 and we had a hard time getting this wheat outta the ground. It laid here and laid here and laid here, 00:09 but it finally did start coming up. And we're not expecting a bumper yield on this particular farm. 00:14 We got other farm that's got some really good weed on it where it cut off earlier, had a little more more strip. 00:18 But this is a, uh, the seed treatment test. It's avogen, which is, uh, doing really well in soybeans, but uh, they had asked us to look at it in wheat. 00:27 And on the wheat is when the spring greenup occurs, which is what we're in right now. We seem to get a few more tillers out of it. 00:34 It seems to work a little better, but we're right on the line right here. You can, this is to the, to the right, it's non-treated. 00:41 We're standing in the treat it and we go across the field and we got a flag down there where the treatment stops. 00:48 And you can see a little bit of difference going over the ridge there in the, uh, treatment area. 00:54 Questions gonna be is what kind of yield do we get from this? It's a kind of a nematicide type 00:58 that helps nematode control on the soybeans. But here in the wheat and like I say, is to promote the early green nut tillers is 01:05 what they're seeing with the product. Still got a lot to learn about it, but we're looking at this and we'll be at combine in it. 01:11 We'll see if it's any yield response. 'cause that's what it comes down to, is we gotta put the yield in there, we gotta make money 01:18 with it, or we don't need to use the product on our farm. And we're all about trying to create a positive ROI. 01:24 Y'all stay tuned and we'll be back here at Harvest and we'll see. And when this thing goes to head and out, we're gonna come 01:28 and see what kind of difference we got as well. Thank you.

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