22 Dec 222 min 31 sec

Lee Lubbers was in dire need of moisture to save his wheat crop.  He got it, and then some. Lee officially throws his Santa hat in the ring for Wheat Wager 23.

00:00 Hey everybody. This is Lee lubbers extreme AG. And doing my intro video for the wheat wage or 23. 00:08 And I'm not doing it in the wheat field. I'm doing it here behind some trees. We got dumped on with about two foot of snow here earlier this week and 00:17 a bunch of wind and Cold out it's like 15 below and they're talking 50 plus below wind 00:25 chills here within two days. So it's definitely winter time here that snow we got the other day was the 00:34 first real moisture we had in four months on our wheat. Are weak when we planted it? Some of it came up? Some of it was late and dry dirt, but we 00:45 did get a little bit of rain before we got dumped on with the snow and there's a layer of snow and ice 00:51 that did not get get cut off by the wind and we're hoping that's gonna insulate it for the minus 50. I know the other boys are talking about their big green Lush weeds 01:01 and it just looks so good and growing all the time and well, they're worried about Easter freeze as they say. Well we 01:10 get Easter freezes Mother's Day freezes and even Memorial Day freezes sometimes so must be nice to only have to worry about one freeze. Oh, 01:22 yeah in the 50 below. So we're Survivor country up here us and Kelly Garrett they like teasing this because we don't have that big green Lush wheat 01:33 But hey guess what weed has nine lives and if it makes it through the winter only uses five six seven of those lives. 01:41 They might want to look back in the rear view mirror because they could see that little print down at the bottom that 01:47 objects are closer than they appear and Kelly and I will be coming on strong and we'll start working with the wheat, we'll start managing it working with our tillers and working 01:56 with fertility and mixing, you know could be shake and bake and all Ricky Bobby. And Superman Kelly Garrett could end up passing them. 02:07 So stay tuned for the wheat wage or 23 grab your popcorn gonna be fun. and 02:15 I'm definitely festive today. It's Christmas time and I wanted to which each and every one of you watching this a very merry Christmas. I'm Lee lubbers. 02:24 and ho ho

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