Wheat Harvest with XtremeAg: Chad Henderson Reviews CLAAS 8600 Performance
2 Jul 241m 4s

Chad Henderson reviews the CLAAS 8600 combine's impressive performance in the wheat field, highlighting its efficient grain conditioning, wide tolerance settings, 500-bushel tank, and rapid unloading speed.

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00:00 Hey, y'all. This's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're cutting a little wheat. So we're into wheat harvest just a few days 00:06 and I've been able to run this cloth 8,600 for the first time in wheat. And I've got some good things to say about this thing. 00:13 So we bought this thing last year in the corn harvest and then went through bean harvest and it was good. And then we come into wheat. 00:20 Man, this thing is a champ in the wheat field. We like the way that it conditions the grain. We like the way it thrashes the grain, the way that it goes 00:26 through the system, goes through the cleaners, the sample that we get. Like all that's really nice. 00:32 It's not real hard to set, you know, like it's not got a small window. The window seems to be pretty wide on the tolerances of, of 00:39 how good it's supposed to run, you know, and where it sets up at. So we really like that. 00:43 We're still loving this 500 bushel tank, this big tank on it. And also the high rate of speed that it'll unload that tank. 00:49 So there's just a few things from the cloth combine that, uh, we really enjoyed. 00:55 Stay tuned. We're going to kick this weed out and, uh, we'll get more from extreme ag. See y'all.

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