Wheat Germination in Bone Dry Conditions
29 Oct 232 min 7 sec

Lee is planting no-till Wheat on Wheat in bone dry conditions.  Will it germinate? He hopes so.  He is trying a few things to see what works. 

00:00 Hey everybody, this is Lee Luber Extreme Ag, uh, doing a field report from the wheat field. Uh, we're no tilling some wheat on wheat here right now. Bone dry conditions, 00:11 uh, most wouldn't even sprout germinate, but the conditions being what they are. But we're going and we're not backing off on any of our inferral 00:20 programs at all. Not backing off 1%, uh, because, uh, you plan for a crop, a good crop, that's what you always plan for. So all of our biologicals and in furrows are in place. 00:34 Our fertility program is, uh, what's what we've been doing and then we're doing a trial with ionize here right now. Uh, in this field. Uh, 00:45 my brother Terry is planting is a heavy clay soil. We're gonna have an untreated one 20 and then, uh, two miles over and on. Our field ridge is running in on sandy soils. 00:56 We're gonna have an untreated one 20. Uh, we'll have ionize on each side. And then we got an extra semi-load, uh, without ionize. 01:06 And everything else is the same in the blend. So we're gonna have it on two different kinds of soil structure and phs and CECs and we'll see how it works. And then we're gonna take, uh, 01:17 root digs and tissue test. And the most important thing when you're planting or seeding is dirty knees. If your pants ain't dirty, you're just driving. 01:27 So we're always digging and checking for seed to soil contact, uh, wet or dry conditions. Uh, 01:33 we're laying in our wheated about an inch and a half deep. Everything's nice and even and consistent. 01:38 We turned up our down pressure to 950, uh, this year for the harder dryer soil. 'cause we want that consistency all the way through the whole field. 01:48 That's the important thing, uh, when you're raising the crop, doing trials, anything consistency. 01:54 So that's what we're working on here today in South Central, South Dakota. I'm Lee Lubers, the extreme ag. Let's do it.

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