Wheat Geese
24 Dec 223 min 19 sec

One Matt is missing a shower, and the other is missing some of his Wheat Crop.  They are fixin' to take care of one of those issues right now.

00:00 Hey guys, this is Matt miles. I've got a special visitor with me today. 00:04 Matt Swanson came in from Illinois and when he came in from Illinois, he he brought something with him. It's 00:11 it was nine degrees or eight degrees this morning with like a negative 12 windshield. That's something we absolutely are not not ever used to so Matt 00:20 you brought the cold weather with you what we gonna do with it now. well 00:28 Frozen stuff and we'll have some frozen ground maybe. Yep. He got up this morning. Text me is that hey my hot water is not working. I said, well that's called your hot water 00:37 heaters mounted on outside the building. So we're going to get him a shower somewhere besides where he's staying now, but you know, he's one of the better Farmers that I 00:46 know and decided not to get in them. in a weight wager this year, so He's gonna be helping me a little bit on my wheat with a wheat wager. And 00:54 so we were gonna come out here and look at the weed. Let him give me his opinion and got a call from one of my buddies at Hunts just 01:00 north of here and said, hey man your weed feels full of geese. So we're fixing to go get these geese up off the field. We 01:06 will actually not shoot the geese, you know, that's not something that we're we're trying to do right now just get them and move them into a into another spot. So, you know, 01:15 if they if they stay on our ground, it'll give us a you'll you'll reduction in bushels. And with this being a weed wager feel. That's one thing we don't need is 01:24 a year reduction because we got a lot of people we got to be so we're around by these geese right now. 01:29 We're on a state highway so you can see them all out there. They're having a really nice breakfast in my expense right in 01:37 there where my best yields are. So we're fixing to go down the lower in the field come up beside them off the state highway and see 01:43 if we can get them to move over into a neighboring field that that don't have any crop on it. All right. So what we're fixing to 01:49 do slip out truck and Matt being A veteran here's got the AR-15 and we're just gonna shoot above these geese, you know the geese 01:59 here if you shoot Adam most of the time you wouldn't hit them anyway, but they'll just pitch over a little bit. If you shoot over them. 02:05 They can't stand that sound of that that bullet going across their head. So we're fixing to get out here and see if we can get them to go to a neighbor. 02:37 So we're standing here. Where we got these geese, of course, you can see by that feather that was geese here. I just want 02:45 to show you if you look where these geese are being how thin they've they've ate this down and this is just been since this 02:52 morning so I'm gonna pan over here. You see in the background how good the weed is there? And then if you look up here you can see where the week is 03:01 thicker here. So right in here with these guys were setting is a it's pretty tough looking. So 03:07 again, it's nine degrees here. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time setting out here, but it's a show you why that we actually have to get these guys up.

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