What's New at The 2024 Commodity Classic: A Dry-Concentrate Game-Changer for Early Crop Growth
13 Mar 245m 4s

Damian Mason and Johnny Verell look at a new dry-concentrate starter fertilizer that is billed as more farmer-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient approach to stimulating early crop growth.

00:00 Coming at you from Commodity Classic 2024 with another Watts news segment where we're talking about a revolution starter fertilizer 00:06 that our man Johnny Rell uses in furrow safe for the seed. And you really like the way it comes together. 00:11 Peter Ellos here with Maritim talking about revolution in starter fertilizer. This is kind of a cool deal. 00:20 Upshift, what is this and why am I excited about it? So Upshift seed, Damien, it, the reason we're excited about it, it's a 1258 o fertilizer 00:29 phosphate based fertilizer. So we're able to deliver that phosphate that we need early in the crop in furrow or two by two. 00:35 But then we're also able to deliver to the ether enzyme, which is the manase 00:38 and phosphatase enzymes that help basically mobilize fixed phosphorus in our soil to soluble phosphorus so the plant can use it. 00:46 Why do you like the, okay, here's what's kind of cool, why it's a revolution. You ship me or you ship Johnny a tub of this, 00:53 it's a dry concentrate and then he can reco reconstitute it to make it the liquid. So if he's not ready to go, 01:00 he's not sitting on a whole bunch of liquid, you're not trucking a bunch of liquid, you're not storing storage containers, a bunch of liquid. 01:05 I'm thinking this is a pretty big benefit. Yeah, for us it's huge because of the amount of money we're saving on the 01:10 shipping, the usability of it. I mean, you put it right in water, it dissolves instantly. It's ready to go in the planter at that moment. 01:16 It stays in solution. That's a big thing nowadays when you put stuff into solution that it stays in solution. So that's a big selling for, 01:22 We're kind of thinking about Kool-Aid growing up, you know, we weren't rich enough to have a soda, so it was Kool-Aid, you know, water was free. 01:28 It is a scoop a an envelope full of Kool-Aid. This is just water right here in this, uh, mason jar. And this is the product. So you've got a, 01:35 a measuring spoon here, is it? He gets it. Obviously we're not doing it by the spoonful. We're doing it by the That's right. 01:41 Yeah. I get in 2000 pound Totes. 2000 pound totes. Yeah. And then obviously he's got all the water he wants. 01:46 I'm wondering, just outta curiosity, can you mix this? Does his water have to be a certain threshold, had to be tested? 01:52 Because if there's a water quality issue, Peter, is it going to change the efficacy of this fertilizer? 01:57 No, it does not. So the, the water quality, uh, doesn't hurt anything. Uh, the, the big thing we want is, is, you know, 02:03 we don't want it, obviously it can't be freezing, right? So it can't be below freezing, right? 02:06 Because that, that would be, be harder to mix. But the, the warmer the water, the better. But this product mix is so easy that we've got, we've got, 02:12 uh, folks clear up in North Dakota and we know how warm it is, uh, up in that part of the world. 02:16 We've got guys clear up in North Dakota using this product and they're, they're, you know, they're running 40 02:20 something, 50 degree water and getting along just fine. Okay, Go ahead and show me. Yeah. And 02:24 we'll do the mixing here. So the way this Works is this product, uh, we're use, we're replacing, uh, this part of our concentrate strategy, as you mentioned, is 02:31 to, is to haul less. So you've got a haul less product. Farmer doesn't have to pay for basically all the water that goes into making these products. 02:38 It's, it's kind of like I would say Coca-Cola. Yeah, Coca-Cola ships a Syrup syrup and then they provide, they provide the fizzy juice. 02:43 So for every, so if they're running an in furrow ten three four base, 6 24, 6 9 18 9, no matter the analysis of phosphorus fertilizer either in for 02:51 or two by two for every gallon of that they're running, they run a half a pound of upshift sea in one gallon of water, and that replaces one gallon. 02:59 And so this scoop represents that ratio in this water. And I'll just show you basically how easy that is. Requires very minimal mixing. We'll put this in here. 03:07 Whoop, whoop, whoop. I spilled a little bit, so we'll add a little bit more. All right. So I put it in there. 03:12 And then I have as simple as this. I put this lid on here, Peter and I give it a shaky shake. Give it 03:16 A shaky shake. All right. And then up down a little bit, shake it up and down a little bit. 03:20 We just give it that, that, that, that right there, Johnny. Not what a solution. I've seen your planting equipment. 03:26 I can't pick up your planter and shake like this. You tried, you put, you parked it along the edge of a road and flipped your planter. 03:31 You weren't doing that to shake this stuff up, were you? No, No. But for us, 03:35 we dropped it straight into a big old 2000 gallon tank of water. We got one agitator running in there 03:40 and that 2000 pounds goes into solution within a few seconds. So once again, we're dumping 2000 pounds, 03:46 not 16,000 pounds of water System. Okay. Uh, last question. I think you said this is 1258. Oh yes. Um, do you make, is it, 03:55 can I get a different fertility product with a different, uh, you know, fertility numbers, uh, and still be a dry? 04:02 Or is this the only one you're making? This is the only one we're making currently. We do have a, uh, potassium product we're looking at 04:07 for those that want to mix a little potassium either in with it, right? Or separately. Uh, 04:11 and we're also looking at a sulfur component, but basically, uh, we're looking at three different options right now. 04:16 This is the main option that we're providing. Um, we have a potassium version coming, Always going back to the farm. 04:21 You're gonna get me outta here, Johnny. Uh, you've used this for just one Year? Uh, for three or four 04:25 years now. Three Or four years now. And you like, do you have some sitting on your shelf right now? 04:28 Yeah, we got some mixed Up right now. We've already mixed it last week. 04:31 Okay. You're ready to go? Ready to go. So it's the end of February and here he is, Tennessee guy. He is ready to go to the fields. Yeah. 04:36 So we don't just use it on our core. We're, we're spraying it over the top of our wheat during side dress too. 04:40 So it's got multiple options, multiple Crops. So this isn't just an in furrow product, it's, 04:44 But it's one of the few safe and furrow products that have low salt. Got it. The product name is Ship. Seed 04:50 Got it. Up Shift C Peter Rus and Johnny ll and I are gonna go to a different part of the Mari stem booth here at the Commodity Classic 04:56 and tell you some more cool stuff that's new and we're gonna share it with you.

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