What's in Temple's In-Furrow Program?
20 Apr 232 min 42 sec

Temple Rhodes talks about what is in his in-furrow program.

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple roach from extreme. AG. Everybody's been asking a little bit about my infer program. We put 00:06 a bunch of different stuff on but I try to make my life as easy as possible. So one of the things that we do is if you can see that there well, somebody's 00:15 being a smart ass here once put this on my tank. But this is my mix. This is what we put in here. So there's Riser there's Molly there's quick Ultra 00:24 with awaken sea cat neutral charge Mega Grill. Those are just some of the things that are that are in this mix and then the rest of the stuff then we go ahead and we put it in these 00:34 inductors. We got two different sets of inductors. We got water from here run by a pump down there just for a straight water and then 00:43 we put in a couple other things. So talking about beans, you know, we run dinosaur on with inoculant on 00:52 our early beans. Oh actually on all of our beans we haven't treated but the other thing that we do is is we also Aid in in 01:01 for treatment. So we use taramaxes in for a treatment for our inoculant one reason that we believe in inoculate and soybeans twice 01:10 is a lot of people think that I'm crazy but soybeans take a lot a lot of nitrogen to raise high yield 01:19 crops. So when you're getting into let's just say you're trying shoot for 100 means when you're shooting for that. 01:28 That plant can't physically make enough nitrogen for it so that you got to add something. So when I double inoculate them that way we get a lot more nodulation 01:37 and if we can get that we get a better we get a better end result. So there's a couple things that I'm doing. We also add there's ethos up 01:46 there that we put in there so really when we're mixing our blend we only most of our products are back here in 01:52 the back tank. And then the only thing that we're Aiden is is we're in a few things up here, you know, I made 01:58 an inoculant here and then I'm adding the ethos up there and then I got another fungicide that I'm mixing these tanks and then 02:04 we send it on out and then this is the same trailer that we use for our tuba too. So our tuba two, you know up there on the trailer. There's see cat 02:13 that we blend in there's some mmts down there sugar that we blend in so we'll blend all of them and then send send them straight on there on 02:22 the on both planners and then it makes our life a lot easier to pre-do it up. A little bit of premix and then we just have a few 02:31 products on the trailer that need to be added in whether it's Corner beans. We'll switch back and forth. So be back 02:37 to you soon. Stay tuned.

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