What's In Temple's 2x2
23 Apr 231 min 9 sec

Temple shares the secrets of the 2x2 mix he uses on his planter.

00:00 Hey guys, temples here from extreme egg. Just tell I tell you a little bit about what we put into our tuba to. So what are two but two is it's a it's a starter fertilizer 00:09 we get mixed up from our local nutrient. It's just a 14-28. Oh, it's got a pound and a half of zinc in it. It's got a quarter pound of 00:18 boron in it. We'll take that and we'll add another pound of sugar to it as it's going on the trailer. We'll mix it 00:24 with a little bit of water here on the inductors. We'll blow that on then way in a quart to a quart and a half sometimes two to 00:30 three quarts. Sometimes of sea cat just depends on our ground type and where we are and whether it's a high productive Soul or not, wait a little bit more of that. Those are 00:40 some of the things that we add then we also in my tuba two, I put zai way and so put accomplished Max so between 00:49 the accomplished Max, oh the sugar and humic folic blend, which you see cat those three things really feed our biology and 00:58 get our biology really moving. Son of synergize with each other. So those are some of the things that we're doing be back to you soon.

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