What To Expect At Kevin's Field Day
19 May 233 min 0 sec

Kevin talks about what you should expect to see at his Field Day this summer, including the AgroLiquid plot and a seed treatment trial that he is running for the first time. 

00:00 We got an extreme ag report today. We're doing our variety plot, our Agri Liquids plot at Cooly. 00:07 This is where our field day's going to be at, uh, running a little bit late. First time we've ever done this farm in May. It's May the fifth today. And, 00:16 um, you can see everybody there swapping varieties out. Right now we got a Agri Liquid standard program, uh, that we're running in for. And we're also running some product in our Tuba two as well. 00:27 We'll talk all about that at our field day. We're really look forward to having our, our regular guests, normal guest out there, and then our extreme mag members as well, 00:36 that decide they'd like to come to North Carolina and see what we do here on this net film. Drip irrigation, um, kind of interesting. 00:43 Got a heavy barley cover crop and we're planting this with a 24 row planter. You can see how thick the barley is. 00:51 It was terminated just after it was beginning to head out the way. We got really good straw. That's good conservation measures. 01:00 As far as the planter set up, this is a 24 row, 22 inch planter. It's DB 44 John Deere. Um, 01:09 this is exact apply. We got our John Blue that we're monitoring our two for two fertilizes with. We got our capstone that we're running on our infer from select, 01:19 uh, select Shot Pro product from Stan. And then, uh, we're running the 2020 monitors, which handles our furrow force and our down force as well. 01:32 And, uh, we already had the, we had the Delta force for years and the precision stuff. So when we did the plant upgrade and went to the John Deeres active merge, 01:43 we didn't wanna spend the extra money on getting John Deere's independent hydraulics. So we kept what we had. But anyhow, that's, 01:50 that's why there's different stuff in here. So for the field day we're doing, uh, we're, we're gonna make this thing as educational as we can This year we're not really 02:00 showing off any products. We're going to try to teach everybody why we use the things we use and how they should be used and how what we're doing is wrong, what should be done different, 02:10 vice versa. But, um, little bonus we added into the plot this year is we've actually got a, uh, seed treatment plot as well. 02:19 Product that we use as a grower standard on our farm. Some people say, well, I can't get it to pay for me. Other, say, I won't plant corn without it myself. 02:28 I, I, I like it. It's been proven. I really like it, but might as well verify whether there is a yield difference on it or not. So we treated it ourself just like we do all our seed. 02:40 And we're going to be planting 12 rose in this variety plot as well. The same varieties in there without treatment and the same variety as with 02:48 treatment. So, something else for y'all, ladies and gentlemen to look at in August here at Cooley, North Carolina. Take care.

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