What To Expect at Chad's Field Day
22 Apr 233 min 2 sec

Chad breaks down the trial plot they just installed and talks about what you should expect to see at his upcoming field day on May 11th sponsored by AgroLiquid. Registration is free. 

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00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson. I'm here today. We in the shop with Molly Alexander and our main man 00:06 rob behind the camera. So Molly what about today? Today was very hard work, but I think it's really gonna pay off for sure. 00:17 So we started today and we had a little shower come through we started mixing toes and then we kept mixing toads. 00:23 We have a lab going on a corn lab going on four different. treatment treatments 00:30 and then we have info. We have two by two. And we're going to come. In some additives in the side dress so that next piece of 00:41 that will bring to you a little later and see. So but that's what we had going on today. Was this lab we taking care of it. We're getting ready for the May 11th, May 11, 00:50 May 11th. I know I hit that all the time, but maybe we've got that across we've got this field day down here and we know it's early but we're doing a little something different. We 00:59 want to see the corn growing off. So so maybe maybe everybody would get something out of it and then people be open to come all your loan. You know, don't think they just because you come May 11th. 01:08 You don't need to come back you come all year long. So you look at it every time you get a chance and on that field day make sure that you remember you 01:14 need Register online for that so we can get a head count because we will offer food. So we need to make sure we have enough food and then 01:20 we also need to make sure we have enough Transportation. So you guys can get around see what you need to see there's corn trials. 01:26 There's wheat trials. There's all kinds of things for you to look at. There's even a really cool race car here too if you didn't know. 01:33 Exactly, right that's sponsored by Agro liquid and we may have a neighbor dropping by with a pool tractor. So that might be happening too. Just a little wink wink 01:42 out there that things will start about three o'clock then it's going we're gonna be here to shop around 3 01:48 o'clock. We'll go down to the field trials around four to five come back from five to six eat some supper. 01:54 So it's gonna be a good time. It's gonna be a good time Fellowship good folks. Good see each other meet new people. All right, let's talk. 02:00 We don't know what lab on the corn part give a little sniff about the week. So if you cannot tell the wind has been blowing ridiculously hard all day today 02:09 by my beautiful hair here. And so we got to see the wheat waving in that wind and I will say that week's looking amazing right now. We did put some soul for on 02:18 at flag leaf. And so that flag leaf application. It really greened it up kind of got it really good start good take off. Everything's looking like 02:27 it's in line. I can't wait to see that week when you guys see it. Yep. So the week looks good. It'll be right there within walking 02:33 distance. So we'll have wheat to look at. We have a couple different things going on with the corn trials got some strip teal the 02:39 corn trials and so it'll be a good day. Y'all make sure y'all come out appreciate the folks at agril liquid man. I just can't say enough. They've been down here mixing all day and and it really 02:48 makes my job extreme egg and these Labs a whole lot easier because it's it's a lot going on and we don't know miss anything. We wanted exactly right as possible to get to information to y'all 02:57 the best way we can

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