What To Do With A Lost Field?
4 Oct 231 min 18 sec

Matt is in a field of non gmo corn that is being attacked by root worms.  The field is long gone, but this grower still found a way to turn a negative into a positive.

00:00 We've got a field here of non G M O corn. This is in, uh, northern Illinois, north of 80. And, um, what happened, 00:09 this is the corn on corn field that the, the grower forgot to put the insecticide on or didn't put the insecticide on. And the root worms had basically attacked it so badly that the corn was starting 00:20 to wilt at V eight. So they decided, of course, you can see the foxtail here, dry year, of course, as well. So the foxtail got into it. 00:29 They had the rootworm damage on the roots and the, and the corn couldn't feed. So at this point, they just decided that the best course of action was to, uh, 00:39 disc mined it down, and then they're gonna chop it and use it for cattle feed, and then graze to pick up the remaining ears. And, uh, 00:48 and things like that. We're gonna seed rye into it and use it as a grazing field. So here's a great example of, uh, of a grower. Maybe, maybe making a mistake, 00:58 but figuring out a way to kind of bail himself out of it and still get some benefit out of it. So, kind of a neat idea, something we talked about doing on, 01:05 on some of our late emerging stuff because of the drought, uh, conditions we had. And, uh, a good way to, to turn some, 01:12 turn a negative into a positive.