What makes this planter toolbar different? and will it matter to Temple?
27 Jun 242m 49s

Temple farms mostly on flat ground, so how can the flexible toolbar on this Fendt Momentum Planter help him? He aims to find out if it makes a difference on his ground.

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00:00 One of the selling points, you know, when, when you first started talking to me about the fend planter was this, this toolbar 00:07 and how it moves kind of like the Delta force does the hydraulic down pressure to try to keep your parallel arms level. 00:13 Explain to me a little bit what it does first. So there's potentiometer that's here on the parallel arm and that's gonna take a reading that's going 00:21 to then tell the flipper bars up here where to position themselves as you're going across the terrain. So we set those and then as you go across the terrain, 00:29 it's gonna adjust your VCT to keep a hundred percent ground contact through waterways and over hills. 00:34 So we've done a bunch of filming out west where we show going over terraces and over hills. Yeah, we're 00:39 We're, we're Flat out here. Yeah, we're flat out here. We're flat. So I'm excited for this 00:42 because we're gonna be able to show how it performs going through a waterway instead of over a hill. 00:46 Well, I mean we're flat and we run all surface ditches out here. Sure. So whether our surface ditch is a little cutout ditch 00:54 or whether our ditch is a V ditch kind of a rolling ditch. Most of ours is like a rolling ditch. 00:59 It basically looks like a waterway. Some of 'em are grassed, some of 'em aren't. But like what I was seeing when we were out there, 01:06 like you can turn around and you can watch and this thing as you're going down through the ditches where the waterways or whatever this thing is constantly 01:15 moving and these parallel arms are kind of staying right where they need to be all the time. 01:19 Yep. Versus conventional planners, we weren't seeing that. You know, you get a tilt back, A tilt back, you know, 01:26 your closing system in the back is either digging in or it's out of the ground. Sure. And it's like, and that is constant. 01:32 And when we get up on our grass waterways and yields, we can pick out our yields on our maps. You can see right. Where every waterway runs. 01:41 And that's a lot to do with it. Sure. So I'm interested to see if this will take it out. And it's all about the overall average. 01:47 We're not talking about high yield, we're not talking about my NCGA. We're talking about our overall average 01:53 that we're trying to bring up. And if you look at the field behind me, it's completely flat. 01:57 It's four oh some acres in this block, but there's ditches and waterways that go all through this everywhere. 02:02 And I can go back on every yield map and you can pick 'em right out and it looks like a cross hatch out here. 02:07 'cause that's the only way that we can get rid of our water. So I'm really interested in this. 02:12 I think that that is revolutionary really for what we're trying to do out here as well. You know, you guys showcased it out west at Kelly Garrett's 02:19 and it was fantastic and I got to see that. Right. I was out there and saw the stand of the planners for the two planners 02:26 and we went to those drastic conditions. Sure. And it was night and day and I was like, if it makes it night 02:31 and day there, maybe going through these waterways can help me bring my overall average up in tough times like it is this year. 02:37 That's the kind of things that'll kind of take us through the End. Yeah. We'll get more 02:40 seeds in the ground, increase that yield for you. Well we'll See soon enough. Sure enough.

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