What Makes A Grain Cart Great?
14 Nov 234 min 38 sec

Unless it is broken down, you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about your grain cart.  Layne talks about what he needs in a grain cart to make it GREAT!

00:00 A grain cart's a grain cart? Or is it, that was the discussion driving over to this area where the miles brothers have a whole bunch 00:06 of equipment stacked up and I sort of proposed a question to my man. Lane. Miles. Lane, you even said it. Yeah. Grain cart's. 00:13 A grain cart. But there are certain attributes that grain cart has to have to be functional on Miles Farm. Damien. So one thing that's really bred into me is speed. 00:23 Speed in acres in an hour, speed in acres in a day, speeding. How much we can put on a grain cart and how fast it go. 00:29 So one of the main things that we look for is can we have one grain cart? Say they can run with two soybean machines, two 00:37 uh, soybean combines. How fast can it unload? How much grain can it hold? Can I put the grain in a certain spot in a, in a big truck 00:45 with, you know, auger movement? Right. Uh, tracks been a great thing. So really and truly it's speed. 00:52 Speed, speed. And how much can it hold? Okay. Then we'll get to the tracks and a couple other things that matter to you. 00:58 Speed first off is because you've got pretty big yields and you've got one cart feeding, uh, two combines feeding one cart. 01:04 Mm-Hmm. So a grain cart like this one behind me, it's probably like what? 1200 bushels? 1100 bushels. So you're, you're going fast. 01:11 Um, your old man sometimes, dare I say, gets a little emotional and a little bit frantic when he thinks there's hurricane 01:17 after effects moving into the delta. So that's where the speed thing comes in. That's Right. That's right. And it's 01:22 when we, when we take a cart and fill it up. Yep. Obviously we filled up 1100 bushel. Yep. I need to get that all 01:28 Fast. Okay. Uh, so you need a great big auger like this has right here. That's correct. Is there anything else that expedites, 01:34 is there anything else expedites unloading besides auger size? Uh, probab probably not. 01:39 Auger size is mo is the, is the auger side is the main thing. 'cause it's just how, how much can you put up that auger? 01:46 Right. The bigger it is, the more you're putting out. Yep. All right. Then when we talk about, uh, things 01:50 that are absolute must haves, tracks are not a must have probably for most people, nobody in probably most 01:56 of the Midwest thinks they need tracks. You cover rice, grouts, fla, a pancake, and oftentimes it's moist. 02:01 By the time you're cutting the rice are tracks something that are a must have or a big nice to have 02:06 Tracks are, I wanna say it's a must have. It's not a must have to get the crop out. It's a must have for preparation after the crop. 02:16 It's whether or not we're gonna put ruts this deep Yeah. In, in the right field 02:19 or if we're not gonna put ruts at all. Okay. So it's just, that's a, a necessity. That's very nice to have. 02:25 All right. Then up here at the top of an auger like this, being able to point and shoot 02:28 and push the green to different parts of the semi. Uh, there's a lot of, a lot of the manufacturers have that. This one moves a little different away. 02:35 Can you describe this because you told me that the cool thing about this one is one button controls four directions. 02:41 That's right. So when you pull up to a truck, Damien Yep. You're not always in the right spot. 02:45 Yeah. And sometimes you're throwing a level, ground or level Ground Too close, too far away from right from the truck. 02:51 On this card in particular, it's got, it's got a four-way movement. Yeah. And two movements. Okay. 02:57 So either you're gonna go to the backside of the truck. Yep. It's gonna move out, out and up. Okay. 03:01 So if I need to go out and Right, that's gonna go out and up or if I'm coming closer to the truck, 03:06 it's gonna come to the left. One button toggle switch. How's it Work? It's one hydraulic button. 03:11 Got it. All right. When we talk about attributes that are absolute, most times I heard the speed was the most important thing. 03:17 Obviously capacity X would be nice. Um, and then also auger stuff. Is there anything else? Those are pretty much it. I mean the placement in the 03:25 truck, uh, tracks is a, is a is nice. Yeah. How big the card is. And speed. Speed, speed. Lane. One thing that I think about 03:33 as a grain cart operator for my farmer buddies down the road, uh, they ain't gonna get outta the combine seat, 03:38 but they'll put the guy like me from down the road in the tractor seat to run the grain cart. 03:43 And then they always say things like, Hey, I know you haven't been behind a wheel in a couple of years. Don't mess things up. 03:49 Visibility to make sure that you're not gonna hook the, uh, auger on something and be able to see what you're doing. 03:54 'cause you don't wanna be spilling $13 soybeans on the roadside. That's right. Uh, is that an issue? 03:59 Yeah. Um, this like, like the cart. We're standing here behind you In front of like The cart we're in front of right now. 04:05 The end of that auger, the better you can see the end of the end of that auger going into that truck, whether or not it's going into the truck or going out the truck. 04:11 Right. Yo, you wanna be able to see what you're doing. Got it. Till next time, he's Elaine Miles coming at you from Miles Farms in McGee, 04:17 Arkansas talking about various attributes for equipment that you can use on your farm. Hope this is helpful. Share it with somebody 04:23 that's maybe looking for a grain cart on their farming operation. Till next time, I'm Damien Mason. Share. 04:28 And also remember we got more great stuff in Extreme mag.farm. Check it out.