What Kevin Really Likes About This Pump
8 May 232 min 56 sec

Kevin likes all the features on this

Pentair Hypro 1542P

Transfer Pump he is trialing, but there is one that feature that he really likes best when compared to his Honda pumps. 

00:00 normally when you hear think of Pen Air and high pro, you're thinking about spray pumps and 00:05 spray tips nozzles all kinds of stuff, but we're actually they got a really good. 00:11 A transfer pump here. This is 200 gallon per minute pump. It's a two inch pump. And you can get them with the flanges or threads this and 00:21 happen to come with a threads and then we converted it over to the flange coupler and we built this tender trailer for our soybeans 00:27 to try to speed things up and keep products isolated. And that's one reason we went with this pump uses five ww 30 motor oil. We 00:37 actually paint that on top of our tanks that way when the guys are servicing sometimes we'll have some of the helpers do it this don't do mechanic work every day and 00:47 We like to make sure they put the correct oil in there because if you put the wrong hole in it's not going to run good and you're gonna think it's something wrong with the engine but it's actually you just got too thick 00:57 oil in it. But do encourage you on these on these engines to change the oil every season if you run it a lot change it 01:06 twice the season like on when you spray truck whatever this has got a power pro motor on it and you can get this same 01:12 setup with the Honda motor, but we actually chose to go with this. This is kind of their go-to motor that they use at high pro Pen Air not had 01:21 no issues with I mean, you just pull it it just cranks right up. It runs. It does fine. It's 01:28 easy to access easy to get gas in and and it's cheaper than buying the Honda motor and that's why I liked it because of the price difference and 01:38 I still get my real good quality pump. But I ain't sure it ain't a better motor than the Honda. I mean, it's running good. So we'll see we're gonna test this thing 01:47 out. We're running about a 13 pound product or 12 pound product through here actually, so it's pretty tight. It's pretty hard on it, but it don't have any 01:56 issues horsepower wise it'll go ahead and run. I do encourage you to cut your gas off on your Motors. On your tender trailers and even your seed trailers anything it's got 02:07 these gas engines on them leave that gas cut off because that bouncing up and down the road can cause that float to bounce and flood 02:13 the engine and then you get there ready to go and obviously it's not going to run. Well just won't tell you a little bit about these pumps. It's 02:19 just something we don't think about we're always looking at the spray tips, but that's a really good pump. It does a great job. I know 02:26 we're under force field pump last year on our haggy sprayer. We really liked it. It was awesome because we're about 02:33 running it dry. And this pump right here is doing a phenomenal job for us. We actually got four of these pumps now and we're really looking forward to seeing how they stand out 02:42 if y'all have any questions about them give us a call center or give us a email and call us talk to us, whatever and we'll 02:49 help you any way we can with it. Stay safe.

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