What Johnny Really Likes About These Tanks?
8 Mar 230 min 45 sec

XtremeAg Affiliate, Johnny Verell, installed these Sidequest Tanks from


 three years ago.  He talks about why he really likes their design for his West Tennessee terrain.

00:00 Hi, I'm Johnny. Varro with extreme AG. I was gonna talk to you today about Demco. We've been running Demco tanks on our 00:06 farm for this going into our fourth season with these same set of Demco tanks. And one reason we like these tanks is the 00:12 the amount of volume. They allow us to carry. We're in a part of West Tennessee where you have a lot of terraces uneven Terrain. 00:20 And these tanks really balance on the tractor very well. These tanks are 600 gallons piece one on each 00:26 side and they actually ride on a carry bearing here on the back and just an extension onto your axle and it 00:32 allows all the weight to be on that rear axle of that tractor to keep as much ground support as we can to that tractor we 00:38 jack all that up.