What is in Kelly's Foliar Trial?
9 Jul 220 min 48 sec

Kelly breaks down the new products that are going into his foliar trial.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extremeg. We're here today with a field report on corn using our spray tank full Tech products. 00:06 Of course, we got our full Tech edge of it works really. Well, we've document that in other areas on John Scott's Farm a few 00:12 miles north of here. But today what we're really is important to us is the full Tech impulse corn. There's a nice load of P&K in here. It's an 185246 00:21 with the combination of the four products that are in here. There's also humic in here to help with uptake. There's phosphites in here for plant Health. There's also 00:30 some proprietary technology that they really won't tell you the secret sauce on on stress mitigation Drew assures 00:36 me that this is going to be a great trial we're gonna see a lot of results and be happy with this. We'll follow it throughout the season. We'll 00:42 tell you about the yield benefits at the end next.

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