What Is A Plant Biostimulant?
27 Sep 237 min 51 sec

Plant biostimulants have gained significant attention in the world of agriculture and in recent years. But what exactly are they, and how can they benefit your crop? Damian Mason is in the Stoller booth at Farm Progress to find out what exactly a biostimulant is and more importantly, what their role is in getting you to the next yield level.

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00:00 Hey, we're defining bio stimulants for you because you have questions and so do I, we wanna make this murky world of biologicals a little more clear for you. 00:09 Alright. I'm sitting with Dale Hanky and Mario Cardillo Carillo here in the bi in the Uhto tent at the Farm Progress Show. And we just looked this up. 00:16 The term bios stimulant is defined in the 2018 Farm Bill as quote, a substance or microorganism that when applied to seeds, 00:25 plants or on the rhizosphere stimulates natural processes to enhance or benefit nutrient uptake. Nutrient use, 00:32 efficiency tolerance to tolerance to a, about stress or crop quality and yield. That's a neat thing. By the way. Water is a biologically, uh, 00:43 derived product that also is a substance that does all of those things. But that's, that's it. It gives us a definition, 00:49 but it doesn't necessarily make me say, oh crap, now I wanna buy some of that. Take me there. Take me there. 00:56 Yeah. So we focus on is crop stress. This is not a replacement for sound agronomy, bio stimulus are not gonna make a bad farmer a good farmer. 01:05 But when you look what a grower's looking at, what can I do to, to go to that next area of yield breakthrough, my yield barriers, 01:12 bio stimulus quite often, or an area that they can focus on. Is that, is that the right answer? Yes. A non-corporate answer, 01:20 Yes. I mean, what we're trying to do is maximize that yield potential, you know, for the grower. 01:25 And the biggest issue here is try to eliminate as many stresses as you can in the field, right? We're losing yield every day out there. Um, 01:34 and if you wanna maximize the yield potential in addition to your pest control that you do, you have to try to do something extra for that, 01:44 for the crop to be able to transition for those, uh, stages of stress. Uh, maybe a week, maybe, maybe it's only, you know, three days. 01:53 But if you can actually jump to the next level, then you will be, uh, uh, getting that yield to the next stage, uh, for the farm. 02:00 Okay. Bio stimuli is obviously a big focus here at Stoller, and we just heard what the definition of the product is. It's, it's, it, 02:07 it enhances it, it balances Mike Evans with, you know, it works with Kelly Urine, says, you know what? It brings plant balance, it brings soil balance and all that. It, 02:17 it sounds like it does everything. It sounds a little bit miracle draggish. So I'm the skeptical fondant answer me when I say, Hey, 02:24 this sounds a little bit like, uh, the, uh, the guy in the, in the fancy suit with the Conestoga wagon, uh, holding up the magic elixir. 02:32 Just buy this magic elixir. I've got a sore throat. It'll take care of that. You know what? Gotta stand in your jacket. It'll take care of that. 02:36 You know what? You got a sick horse, by golly, give some of this. It does sound a little bit too good to be true. 02:40 It's not because you're obviously selling it and you're getting results, but help me as a skeptical guy, say, all right, 02:45 it's not magic potion being sold in the back of a carpet bagger's wagon. Yeah. There 02:49 Are a lot of companies out there that are here today with a lot of big claims, a lot bigger marketing budget than we have that, 02:54 that here today and a couple years ago, they're gone. So Stellar's been here for over 50 years. So we've, we've got proven technology, we've been doing this. Another thing that we've done is we've, 03:04 we've made the extra effort to get these products e p a registered. So we have several products that are e p a registered that gives that product 03:11 legitimacy that 'cause it has to have proven yield results in order to get that registration status. So that's very important to look for too. 03:18 A lot of things to look for in, in companies when you're looking at These biological Mario, you're uh, I'm sure that's really a big thing. Yeah. 03:24 We're not the guy outside of the Conestoga wagon selling magic elixir. This is actually e p e certified, which a lot of biologicals are not. Right? 03:31 Correct. Correct. Yeah. And so the biggest issue for us is we're not here just to push a product. Uh, we're here to have a solution, uh, to the grower, uh, 03:43 to, to do a better integrated crop management. Right? We, we wanna understand the crop at every stage of development and positioning, uh, 03:51 a solution to them, uh, you know, at a particular stage. So there are many products out there. It can be confusing for the grower, right? 03:59 We as an industry, we have to make it easier for them, Hey, grab this particular product and put it at this particular stage, 04:06 we think is a solution, a package throughout the season to get the yield to the next level. You said when we had a little meeting yesterday that it's about a season long. 04:15 It's a season long. You talking about that? So this bio stimulant, um, category, one of the, the big things you're talking about, even emergence, 04:23 it helps you get even emergence and, but with even and early emergence, fast emergence, right? 04:27 So fast is the big benefit from the bio stimulant that you might have for me to use that is a stress reduction. What's the, 04:35 what's the big thing I'm gonna get out of it Really is, is the seasonal approach. And we're helping growers with all those additional challenges. I mean, 04:42 from the time you plant that seed, every day is a fight for that crop. It's fighting against weather stress, maybe herbicide stress, 04:49 all those sort of things. So we're helping with that. We're, we're helping that crop deal through stress. 04:54 It's not so much a message of what we're doing to increase yield. We don't increase yield. We're helping crops prevent loss of yield. 04:59 And every bad day a crop has gonna prevent yield potential For a typical bio stimulant. Your product, let's just name one of yours. Mm-hmm. 05:05 Fortify, stimulate, yield, enhance plus Formalized form, fortified stimulant yield answer, yield answer plus how do I use it? 05:11 So that one's very flexible. You can use it as a seed treatment. We have a lot of growers using it as a a, 05:16 an inferral application at four ounces to the acre, or even in an early foliar pass. If I, if I'm not set up with, uh, 05:23 inferral because I just don't quite have the ability to do that, I can still use this product now. 05:27 I miss out on the early and even emergence ad component though. If I don't have that 05:33 Right, you're still getting the benefits of in that early foliar pass. If I go over, like if my first herbicide pass, I use it as a foliar, right? 05:40 Okay. And so main thing you think then from that point on is a stress reduction that I'm getting from the products. 05:45 So that one's really helping with the hormone imbalance and, and getting that crop actively growing, 05:50 getting a really well established root system in soybeans. A lot of times that early foliar ba we're using a combination of bio-forge 05:56 advanced and ex excite together. Both of those are approved for tank mix compatibility across all chemistries. What we're doing there is an offensive defensive approach that we're helping 06:05 that crop grow aggressively, but also helping them with the weather related stress that has to deal with, alright, 06:10 So so today's is, you said it right, how can that crop grow the best possible way in the field so we can actually maximize that yield at the end of the day? Um, you, 06:22 what you read the definition is, you know, how can you increase that, you know, nutrient uptake or nitrogen use efficiency for instance. 06:29 We know that there's a lot of room for improvement and we believe that we have the tools to help that plant maximize the inputs that the grower, you know, 06:36 are putting in the field, uh, to be able to get a better return on investment in the end. And in the previous recording, uh, we talked about this. You said, 06:44 I don't recommend reducing other stuff. You, you don't, you don't think that you look at reducing, uh, my nice gener do sound my traditional You say just add this and get more 06:57 bang for the buck. Yeah. We're not a bio stimulant from Stole is not a replacement is what I'm Hearing. No, exactly. I mean, we're 07:02 Not sell people that take shortcuts. There's really no shortcuts. It's success. Okay. We're not here to, to help people save money. We wanna make, so 07:10 It's not a replacement. It's not a replacement. I don't back off on my fertility bill by 20% and then decide to use this. I actually add this is what you, you'd recommend, right? Got it. His 07:20 Name is Mario Carillo. His name is Dale Akey. We're coming at you from the Farm Progress Show, stole Booth. We're answering a question, what is we defined? What is a bio stimulant? 07:27 Because I've been asking that question. Finally. We pulled up on our f and it's still a bit murky and you know what we talk about how we can use and how you could use it to make more money. 07:35 That's why we're here@streammag.farm, hundreds, hundreds of videos just like this to help you up your farming beam. Show this somebody that can benefit from it. Until next time, 07:42 I'm Damien Mason at Farm Progress. Show up.