What I Like About This Grain Cart
30 Sep 231 min 26 sec

Matt is trialing a new grain cart from


 this season.  Here is what he likes about it so far.

00:00 Guys, we're on the tail end of our harvest here on soybeans. Uh, rice is gone. Corn's gone. 00:07 We'll go have a few double crop bees left and our one field of, uh, double cropped corn that we have behind wheat. 00:14 We've been demoing something that's pretty cool here. We were needing a car for our rice. You know, our rice is dry probably 30 days outta the year. 00:23 A lot of times during harvest with the hurricanes are just normal range. You know, when, when we're harvesting rice, we we're in the mud. 00:30 So we got this card to, to, uh, demo in the rice and see kinda what it does. It's got some need features, of course, you see it's got tracks on it. Uh, 00:38 that's simply because we needed that for the rice. Uh, we think we can see where it cleans out better. As far as, you know, what grain's left in the hopper when we get through 'em. Um, 00:48 the auger visibility's really good and, you know, the turn spout on AERs free need. Uh, another thing we're really excited about, the scales on it. 00:56 I didn't have scales on car till this year and we absolutely can keep our year monitors within 1%, you know, high or low wi with the scales on the cart. 01:05 So some pretty interesting features. We're gonna get on here and start, um, unloading these combines with soybeans and kind of show you what we're looking 01:12 at.

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