What Goes Into Chad's Contest Corn?
6 Aug 2214 min 13 sec

The Alabama state corn yield record holder likes what he sees so far with his contest corn.  It also happens to be the location for the Lab trial he is conducting with AgXplore. He talks about the program and how he plans to finish out the season with what he hopes will be a new Alabama yield record.

00:00 Well previously we were in chat Henderson's barn and we were talking about AG explore products. He's using specifically on a 40 acre trial 00:06 of corn and it's not just any four-digit Charlotte corn. This is contest corn he wants to win a trophy. But as he says, what do you really want? You don't care 00:12 about the trophies much you want. Money you want to make money he wasn't he wants to bring the Bell on yield on this plot right here. So we're gonna talk about specifically what 00:20 he's done pre-emergence, but more importantly what he's doing post-emergence and even now to get this corn past the finish line. So the aggress board products that you use at time 00:29 of planting or noctane and prevent NXT and those products Brian by the way. These are gone on us with ag Explorer. This is Brian Adams and Calvin Murphy. They are a 00:41 great resource here one of those products that he just put in at the time of planting do what's really trying 00:47 to affect. There is early root grow early stand establishment trying to get that crop off to the best start possible. That's the the short way of saying the long 00:56 thing about three different products. Okay. Those are strong stay strong industry products do specifically which was there their role. What's 01:02 their job? Why did you put them in there? They do what so prevent. NXT is a biochemical package to help with phosphorus. Okay. 01:08 So update. Yeah. Okay what helps keep phosphorus in the soul solution for that plant to take it. Perfect. Octane is our sugar source. And Inferno is 01:17 right. We need sugar Source. All right, just energy source for that seed coming out of the ground if it's struggling a little bit just a little B10 shot 01:23 got a third product that yours he put on at time planning. Yep. And then we got in Ferno. That's a humic phobic with 01:29 tech blend. It does just helps remote early growth get that that crop off starting routine of the day up take ability up take ability take 01:38 ability. Not technically a word but we're gonna use it here in the field uptake ability and able takeable. That's because that's word in north, Alabama, right? 01:47 Brought it here uptake ability because we got we think we have adequate resources. Chad says this Kelly Garrett says that our guys 01:53 talk about this we think we might have adequate fertility in that soil. But you know, what if it doesn't get up the plant then it does any good. Okay human fulvic 01:59 acids. They really they really help take advantage of the resources that are there or whatever it may be blended with. I think 02:05 Chad. I think you ran some in some side dress applications through your wide drops you and a lot of people in the world will talk about human folic 02:11 acids being nitrogen stabilizers. I'm not a big fan of using the word stabilizer, right? It will help you get into the plant but as far as stability and 02:20 prevention against volatility like a traditional mppt, it's not gonna work same in my opinion from Dish traditional PV 02:26 mdcnbc less NBC CNN. All right nbp tea don't ask me to name what it stands for that you're active ingredient you're aggraves and the many many other forms of aggregating the world 02:38 preventing nitrogen lost through surface politics got it. So it's what we used to call Nation stabilization. Okay, it truly 02:44 is a natural stabilizer. Jack. What are you going to do from this? Okay. From the time planning then what did you do with your 02:50 next round and your next round in this field particularly as it pertains to these guys products, so we come back on. 02:55 The next round at our herbicide application and we hit it with octane again. And we had some sulfur XR. Xr5, xr5 03:04 and natural. Oh natural. I think there's a market. So it's a micronutrient pack octane is the sugar again, right Calvin. Yep, and in the this sulfur 03:13 X because you told me and our shop talk that so so for plus the micronutrients to do he was addressing the natural Ultra. Those are highly critical for 03:22 photosynthesis photosynthesis being key is that plant starts. It's rapid growth process from you know, kind of that boot top tall time frame till that tassels, 03:31 you know corn starts to really take off those nutrients are all key. So for included in photosynthesis. All right, 03:37 Chad then your next pass after the herbicide pass. What did you do? We come in here with a first fly drop the first wide drop we had our 03:43 28005 which we had. So we had our national Source. We had a soul for Source again. And then we had Inferno stage is the corn 03:52 on that second pass. The first place was somewhere around right here. We come in here and V7 V8 range 03:58 because what I try to do is Run all my corn with one wide drop machine. And so I have to start a kind of start on the irrigated corn and then 04:06 I can go through my other corn and then come back and make the second pass on my irrigated corn again because it just it'll 04:12 get away from me. If I don't if I try to make one pass I may the earlier late, you know, I understand. All right, so that passed that's 04:18 bit. That's the second treatment. I post emerge right? Yep. And in you used the products and the purpose of those again is 04:24 what here Brian and Calvin, so he added The Inferno to to help kind of like a buffering agency with that night. But one thing we forgot to mention about 04:33 The Inferno that is a food source for your soul biology. I mean, we're really trying to feed the Michael risal fun job, which has been official to any crops that's been 04:42 helping to sell your blouse nutrients really available in the soil that may not other way. Otherwise be able to be taking it same 04:48 old story about up taking ability. I'm taking ability then then we're getting to where we pushing hours or one treatment between then and now 04:54 what is a couple treatments between you're out here a lot. I ain't gonna tell you there's a lot of work, but is that cont? Corn it's going to make us we don't care about the trophy. We just want the money. 05:03 All right, so I had to buy totes of this stuff to get where we at to get these two pretty boys. You said that's pretty good you that's right. They're not gonna 05:12 stand in the heat. So we bought totes of stuff. Okay to get the rat recipe at the right time on the right piece of ground with raccoon. All right, so you came back here 05:21 again. And that was the next pass after that. You did what the same thing had a smaller wide drop pass, you know, we had to get to her 05:27 limits of the end that we needed for this field, you know from pre-planned. It's a plan a whole way up. So we had 05:33 our next pass and we had Inferno in again. So we made two passes with that, you know, and again, this is at a court rate. It's a real simple deal. And so we come back with that and 05:42 then we're looking at coming in here at our V10 the 12 Yeah, like yeah, this is make it part right now. Wait now we're talking about the very next thing if you're watching if you're listening 05:53 just you understand. We're standing next to this cornfield and it's say nine ten feet the Tesla nine feet tall and 05:59 we're talking it's June 30th as we're recording this in north, Alabama. So I'd call that pushing late late growth 06:05 right late growth season, right? We're about we're well into repent and I look and if you're watching turn around here Brian and show me this without putting your back to the camera good turnaround show me 06:14 this show me this corner. How far are we away from is he done is you have to do one more pass right? I don't know how many more he's gonna do, but I can't tell he's got at least one more time. Yes, 06:23 beautiful. Okay, but we had one let's talk. Let's talk about rap free test. Let's talk about pretest Little Brian talk about that woman. So so the free tassel application that 06:32 Chad is referring to somewhere in that kind of eaten to be 14 when to everybody shoots for V10, but things happen I would you know, I think Chad Thomas 06:41 roughly be 12 when he got out here over Max the pgr our plant growth regulator that we talked about earlier. The only EPA registered plant growth regulator for 06:50 Reproductive timing three components Calvin mentioned earlier on the previous video cytokinin, which is a cell division initiation of fruit 06:59 and sites. A lot of times on the determinate plants Works a little differently in corn. I'll explain that in a second but as well as Gaba which 07:05 is gamma, I mean no butyric acid and choline chloride and what those products are providing is definitely reduction stress mitigation ethylene, 07:11 being the plant hormone or plant chemical that tells this plant I've done all I can do this time shut down and mature and be done with it. And that's 07:20 what Chad's trying to inhibit right he wants he wants his reproductive wind, especially through grain field to last as long as possible to maximize everything you can so the effect 07:29 that he got from that it be tend to be 12 and I said reproductive and that I don't want to totally pigeon hold that product is reproductive 07:35 time frame though. It is in most props. Yeah corn what we see in that V10 to v14 window. Simply Damien is more uniform emergency tassels at 07:44 that time, which would help Ensure. Active success by hitting the Nick and Calvin here is a corn researcher by trade and I'm gonna let him sounds like you're 07:53 not to do here. No slap yourself. You just went through a whole lot of terminology right there about corn. Okay, go ahead Calvin. So we talk about the Nick and what we're referring to is the 08:02 tassel shed versus the silks and you want that timing to be as classful shed versus the silks. Yeah, you want the pollen from the tassels. It's 08:11 gonna start at the bottom of the tassel and slowly work its way up and then the silks you want that timing to be pretty in sync what we call the knee meaning 08:20 that the policies down. Yeah, we're supposed to be more so you won't silks available when that pollen starts shedding. You 08:26 don't want them overly long. You don't want this big beard coming down here. When you see that a lot of times you've kind of missed that Nick. I understand. 08:32 Oh, so you technically want this here really pollinated about on day six when both of them are starting to 08:38 shed a lot of times that'll get pushed back. Seven day eight sometimes even nine what we've seen with onward and octane is that it syncs at more at 08:47 that day six where everything really good understood. So on the sixth day of we of us putting pollen out of that tassels when 08:53 we want this to actually be taking it in, correct? All right, and then what product or what treatment did Chad do to accentuate 08:59 that or to just leave it alone? Well now that was the onward octane timing at that V10 to V12 to 09:05 ensure that to mean it is giving it that shot to make it sure. It happens. Yeah. All right, and then we said you got one more thing. You're 09:11 gonna do. I think we got we how far away is this corn from being done and we let it dry down and hit the combine. Is it 30 to 45 days? Well, I've done my job. It won't 09:20 ever dried out it come back. Yeah. Well, okay. Was gonna you want you want us to watch for the next 30 days. And what's your what's your role for the next 30? Well? 09:36 The green thing about the heat we go under we'd love it in Alabama to cool down some, you know at night. Anyway, give us a break for me. 09:42 We'd like that. We'd like that right now. Yeah, we'd like it right now, but we don't always get that. So when we when we don't, you know, we use these products they really 09:48 help with this pollination pop as we was talking about. So the next thing won't do is we won't get this thing to Brown seal when we get 09:55 to Brown said we'll make another boat We'll add the foliers to it and we'll come back again with, you know, a good fungicide of 10:01 whatever your choice would be and then some of their products as well and the products at that time are gonna be more the same. 10:07 You know like man figure that well put in we're gonna put in what he waxes with a fungicide for this what might be the final treatment to 10:13 drive through this cornfield. What's he gonna do Brian? Yep. So so on Chad's understand where the contest field currently 10:19 my recommendation and that's in north Alabama. So the conditions and the climate might be different if you were in you'll go to about 225, you know, so, oh 10:28 we're knocking something. We generally been recommended once and in a corn crop. I think Chad's gonna look at doing it again. And so you ask why do 10:37 it again if if what you did earlier was effect tassel emergence make that more uniform try to ensure pollination success the 10:43 best you could but what he's gonna affect here on the back side now, it's Colonel tip retention, right? So Chad how 10:49 many times have you been colonel colonel temper tip retention got it. Meaning we want that tip to fill out. Yeah. 10:55 We don't want any of those kernels on the tip, right? How often do we lose them or if we hold on to them? We still 11:01 kind of blown out the back of the combo because they're under sized. So you're gonna be affecting that you're gonna be affecting test weight through that again it goes 11:07 Back to the cytokines and what they're doing for that corn if that's for specific stage of its life as well as the stress reduction and maybe the one other thing you might 11:16 be throwing in there is nutri-k Nutri K, obviously potassium potassium acetate product and what it's really doing understand that potassium at 11:25 that time or throughout a plant's life regulates the model opening the respiration that helps combat against stress add that to the Homeward in the octane in a carbohydrates that's 11:34 coming from the octane. All these things go together and work well together, but it's also working for the drain field with the 11:40 potassium on the back side. All right, great explanation found treatment Calvin and Brian. I unless 11:46 you have something to chip in actually here from Chad here. You got your your you're gonna finish this out. Like 11:52 you said, yeah finish the race pedal the metal you're going to do this. Is there anything that without getting away to me your trade 11:58 secrets about their products that you think on the way out the door here, you're excited to see the results of well, I'll tell you there's something 12:04 you know, it's not as much on the product side, but it's a support set. You know, we always talk about the products and everything. These guys have been 12:10 an instrumental in a lot of this stuff. You know, we've been we've we've had a plan together in place, you know, the plan I 12:16 mean is not always that we can put a plan together but a lot of the companies we work with we're able to put a plan together and start this thing from start finishing almost. No, you know, 12:25 two months ahead of time where we're gonna be what we're gonna do so, you know, that means a lot to us as farmers and as as being able 12:31 to come in here and then get to play with this contest of you know, we joke and cut up about it. We enjoy it but it's our research and development and 12:37 what company don't have research and development then why shouldn't us as Farmers not have the same thing and that's what we do with our contest 12:43 if you know, yeah, we enjoy it. We like to we like to pick with other Farmers about it, but it is our research and development that's where we've pulled the 12:49 stuff to go on our own farms and to be all across why spectrum of this and it's own word and this octane deal is why I expect them, you know, we've used across every acre. So 12:58 it's something we've seen in doing. Yeah, you're adding a couple of new things though because it is a trial and it's a 40 year trial. So the listener 13:04 and viewers should be checking out what happens on this because Change that practice is just enough and what's going to make success for 13:10 you. How are you gonna look at this and say man. I'm really glad we rang the Bellas besides yield. Is there anything else you want to see but you know if 13:15 we if we're looking to plant health and we'll look at it all the way through, you know, because that 13:19 means when when to come by and starts rolling and you see it stop out there and we get off and we start looking we want to look at the root structure. We want to 13:25 look at the stalk itself. We won't look at Integrity of it. That means a lot. You know what we see right here when you see the ear hat is what I've done 13:31 my job with a planner. Yeah, you know, we know that so it's other things we look at and we evaluate to say hey we should have been earlier later, you know, 13:37 we should have had more this product or less of it will miss the timing on this one. And you know, it's everyday. It's learning curve, you know every year to learning curve. 13:43 So, you know, it's just it's good to have the support today for provides to help with that learning curve. 13:49 Bryan Adams and Calvin Murphy with a Explorer Chad Henderson, one of the original founders of extreme AG coming at you from this contest field of 40 acre trial that you're going to be able to see the results from 13:58 so do keep up with what happens here. That's why we're here to make the mistakes that you don't have to more importantly to learn the lessons that you want to learn and we're 14:04 doing it trialing at our place. I'm Dave Mason for extreme act until next time.

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