What Drives Temple Crazy
20 May 234 min 7 sec

All ready to finish up his NCGA plots and then this happens...

00:00 All right, here we are. I've put in all of my extreme Ag field trials, labs, 20 acres, 10 acres, 40 acre trials. 00:11 We got it all done in record time. We, I missed chat, Henderson's Field Day. Um, but I got mine in, I got, I got all my trials in for my, 00:21 my field day. It's done. I got down to the last 30 acres where my NNC g a trial was gonna be because these boys put so much pressure on me that I need to perform again. 00:33 So I wanted to wait till it was the op opportune time just to lick it down, get it perfect. I got it perfect. 00:41 I put all my fertilizers in my planter. All the right seed is in there, all the right pop up, or you know, in furrow or in the ditches. Uh, 00:51 our boy, Chad tells us it. My in the ditch stuff is up front. And I broke down. I made the first trip. 00:59 I made it from that end of the field to right here where we sit right now. And I got a problem with my tractor. Something's wrong in the fuel system. 01:09 This is what drives us crazy. We're trying to be perfect. All of us in agriculture, we're trying to get it in right? 01:16 And this is why we get so stressed out cuz things like this happen. And guess what? We don't have the parts. 01:23 We can't get to you when they do get to us or we gotta order it. We just don't have what we need. Um, 01:30 closest thing that we have to the parts for me to get back up running. It's Saturday now. They worked on me all day yesterday. 01:39 Thank God I got John Deere here and they, they helped me out. Don't get me wrong. But nobody has any parts. 01:45 So now best case scenario, my tractor sits there, there's a storm coming off in the background. We're supposed to get anywhere between a half inch, three quarters of an inch, 01:55 which are gonna keep me out, but I can't do anything about it. My planter's sitting here in the field. I could use the other planters, 02:03 but here's the problem. All of my stuff is in this one and I wanted to hurry up and get it done. I broke down. Don't have parts. Best case scenario. 02:14 Now it is Saturday and I'm gonna end up waiting until Tuesday to get it back up and running. Hopefully we get the right parts, um, to figure it out, but maybe not. 02:27 So might end them being a whole nother week out. This is some of the stress that we go through in farming. And I know that this is, you know, I have been fortunate enough to get done, 02:37 but all the pressure's on and I'm trying to get done and I can't get done. We deal with this all the time. 02:44 And here's the one thing that I'm tired of hearing. I'm so tired of hearing that we don't have the parts. We can't get this, we can't get that because, you know, 02:53 COVID has us held up still. That was in 2019 and 2020, and we still can't get everybody back on the workforce. Man, I'll be so glad when we get back up to where we used to be prior to 03:07 2019. We were great. You know, we, all these companies did a really good job and they're, they're struggling and they're doing the best that they can do. 03:17 So give them a little bit of a break. You know, I was out here yesterday with two mechanics and I was freaking out and I, my stress level was here, but theirs was too, and I don't blame them. 03:29 But, you know, we all gotta work together. We're all limping through this, and I'm gonna do the best that I can do to keep my cool. So right now, today, 03:37 I'm making a video on my crap, broke down, can't get back running. Nothing else that I can do. But you know what, I'm gonna sit here and wait it's mother weekend. 03:49 I'm gonna go spend some time with my mother, my wife's mother, and my, and the mother and my children. So go back, spend some time with your family, 03:57 relieve some stress, get it outta the way. We'll be back to you soon.

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