What Did Temple Change On His Planter?
21 Apr 233 min 4 sec

Temple made a few changes this winter to his planter. He breaks down the upgrades to his closing system and the parallel arms.

00:00 Alright guys, everybody keeps asking me. What did I change this year? What did I change? What's different? I didn't 00:06 change a lot of things. I didn't change my program. I changed a little bit on my equipment. So I'm kind 00:12 of like Chad Henderson. I'm more of a scratch and dent guy. I'll take something old and make it a little bit better. I'm 00:18 out here on strip tail ground right now. But one thing I did this year called integrate act Solutions and I talked to him about their closer wheels, so we 00:27 ran closed and we will Spike Clues and wheel for years and worked out very well. It's a spike wheel that has like a little bit of a pack into 00:36 it. It kind of worked all around but I you know, we get mud stick to it. We get some other problems to it. Well, I tried to close them Wheels the 00:45 closer wheels from integrated egg. They're working really really well. I'm really impressed with them. They're doing really good job of closing up the 00:54 trench. I send some pictures into this thing so you can you can see I'm running side by side. I'm running a closer wheel 01:03 on one side and then my old style on the other side. I figured I could get a little bit more packing there and I can pack it in and use 01:09 that closer wheel to break up that sidewall because it really breaks up the sidewalk compaction really. Well, we've run in conventional we've 01:15 run in strip till like here and we've run it in no till I'm really happy with them and all three different places. The other thing that we try we changed was 01:25 I used or their new parallel arms. They've got a bush and let me show you So right in here, it's an actual Bush. 01:34 It's a not a bushing anymore. It used to be a bushing in here a metal to metal bushing. And now it's a bearing it's a sealed bearing and you put that in there and it tightens 01:43 up the whole thing and it makes that ride completely different. So let me tell you the difference of what it made for 01:50 me. So On my monitor, I usually get about 90 9.2 to 99.3 singulation. That's the best that I could do can't do any better than that. 02:02 Well, this year is way better. Well my ride on my good ride, you know, it usually rides around 85 to 87 percent good ride. 02:11 Well now my good ride is up to like 94 to 97 percent now that means that I can increase speed so I don't run new planers. 02:20 I don't run speed tubes. I don't run exact merge with the brush that carries it down. Well if you have a good ride and you don't have 02:29 all that jiggling all that vibration now all of a sudden you can singulate better. So the planers are doing a better job. The closers are closing it up. I can 02:38 drive a little bit faster, and if I can drive a quarter across this ground faster, I usually run, you know, 4.5 to maybe 02:47 five mile an hour at Max now, we're running five five to five seven and still getting and getting better singulation, then what we got before, so just two 02:56 little tips of things that I change this year. Have a good day guys.

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