What Has Matt Learned From His Early Planted Soybeans So Far?
8 Apr 241m 53s

He gave these beans a 50/50 shot at making it. Then the Frost and Rain came. What Did Matt Learn from the resilience of these beans?

00:00 So guys, we're 29 days into this, uh, February Ultra early planting research fields that we've done. 00:06 I'm pretty sure this is the last report. We made it through all the storms. When I say storms, 00:12 I don't mean little storms, literally storms. I do, but I don't. In the last 29 days, we've had a little over six inches of rain on these beans. 00:19 The average temperature, which would be your high and your low, you know, average together has been 59. So it's definitely not been really suitable for, uh, 00:28 growing soybeans unless we get a major hailstorm, you know, a freeze two weeks later, 00:34 which will hurt a lot more crops than just this. These beans are outta the woods based on a normal year. I thought we had about a 50 50 shot of making it, and lo 00:45 and behold, the good Lord gave us a crop of beans. So, so I had these flags up on a lot of stalks in the past couple of weeks 00:51 to just see when they're in the crook, if they came up or not. We were, about 70% of those came up, so 30% 00:58 of them broke their neck didn't come up. I come out here last week and repositioned the flags and where I put these flags this time was on the stalks. 01:07 I thought possibly would not make it from the frost. And I found one, I've got three, I got five of them here that hadn't looked at the other. 01:15 Three out of the five, four of 'em are gonna survive the frost. One of them didn't. These deum soybeans are tough as nails. 01:22 If I was gonna go to war, I'd wanna take soybeans with me, I think. So we've got a lot more to talk about this summer 01:28 as we watch these soybeans. We've got some plots in here. We've got a hopper throttle plot, we've got 01:33 our infer versus turning the infer off, and then we've got a a, a neutral charge plot also. So there's several different plots embedded into this 01:42 ultra early test. So we got a lot of things We'll be able to talk about this summer and share it 01:47 with you about what's going on.

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