We Split The Planter
17 Jul 230 min 56 sec

Chad split the planter with Revline Hopper Throttle on his double-crop beans. Here is how they look so far. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're here looking at these soybeans this morning. So this trial going on in this field is with Meem, 00:08 and it's a product that's a hopper treatment. It's hopper throttle soybean, and we've put it on these double crop beans and we split the planter with it. 00:17 And we're out here just taking assessment of soybeans and we can kind of see some back and forth. But you know how that is, you know, 00:23 it's just kind of tough to see in all this straw and everything. But it looked like the murders was pretty good on it. Like I said, 00:29 as good as it could be for, for following weed up in this double crop situation. But it looks like it's going be a product that we'll use more and more because 00:37 it's got some biologicals in it. It's our seed and our, I mean, our talc treatment for our seed. 00:41 So it looks like it's gonna be something that's, that's gonna be pretty good for us. But we'll keep y'all posted. Again, this is ma stem product, it's hopper throttle, um, soybean. And, uh, 00:50 we'll let y'all know how she turns out.

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