We Have Less Lodging In Our Wheat. Here is why
15 May 233 min 53 sec

Last December, Chad Henderson bet Temple Rhodes that his wheat would be laying down by this time in the season. Well it is still standing and Temple knows why.

00:00 So here we are, wheat wager 2023. I'm at the exact location where Chad Henderson jumped down like a child in front of me and Matt Miles and acted like a, 00:13 a child and wanted to make a weed angel. Um, he bet me we ha we have bets. Anybody that knows us very well, we'll wager just about anything. Uh, 00:22 I've lost a lot of money to Kelly Garrett. I've lost a lot of money to uh, Chad Henderson, but we, we always pay those debts in full and it hurts. 00:31 Sometimes it hurts bad. So here's what we got. Chad betting me that in this exact spot that I'm standing in, that I was gonna have to pick up down wheat, he said it's so thick. 00:45 There's no way in the world that it's gonna not be flat. Are You gonna be honest? 00:50 The only way that this ain't going flat is he puts a hot wire around and puts cattle on it. 00:54 That ain't a bad idea. That Ain't a bad idea. I talked to you guys before. I don't use Palisade or Cerone or anything as a plant growth, 01:04 um, kind of inhibitor so it doesn't grow as as fast. I don't use them. We use the pen air tips. Okay? So one reason that we use the Pantera tips is we use streamers. 01:18 And my belief is is that just like when we do corn residue breakdown, um, 01:24 you emulsify some u a n with some other products and it helps break down that stalk better. I believe that when you do that, um, 01:33 and we top dress our wheat, I think that we emulsify it enough that we are getting some straw or some stem um, kind of breakdown a little bit. You know, it, 01:44 I think it adds to it somewhat. When we stream the wheat and we stream that fertility on, we don't get the breakdown on our stalks because I think that there's not 01:55 as many lesions you leave a lesion when you emulsify that that fertility. And I think that's one reason I don't get as much. 02:02 I'm not saying I don't get any wheat that that blows down or falls down, lodges, whatever you wanna call it, but we do definitely have less of it, 02:10 if that makes any sense. So I don't use any of that. So Chad wanted to run his mouth and make a hundred dollars bet that where we're standing at it was gonna fall down. Well Chad, it ain't down yet. 02:21 We've had a six inch rain on it and had some wind involved in that. It's not down yet. I'm not saying that I'm done and I'm over, 02:29 but I'm coming for that a hundred dollars and I know you're going to pay up. So, or I guess maybe I still have to pay up. 02:36 So there's still hope that you're gonna, you're gonna win, but I don't think the hope is that good. So back to the wheat wager. 02:44 Am I scared of any of these boys? Nah, I ain't scared. I might be a little bit scared of Lee. Um, you know, Matt got lucky last year. You know, he hadn't planted wheat in, I don't know, 02:58 six or eight years or something, you know, and then he comes in one year and then does really well and then beats everybody out. Well, this year ain't your year, Matt. Things aren't looking as well. 03:10 So maybe I can skirt by you, Chad. I'm not, I'm not scared of you. You know what I mean? I, I maybe a little bit scared but not really. 03:17 I'm not really that scared of you. Uh, Kevin, man, he spreads his wheat with a fertilizer spreader. I definitely not scared of him. Kelly has had cattle out on his wheat has, you know, 03:31 he's had winter kill. He's got all these problems. Definitely, definitely not scared of Kelly, Gary. So you boys get ready? 03:41 I'm coming. You know Heath Cotrol as well. I'm not scared of you. You're a tremendous corn grower, but you don't know s**t about wheat. 03:50 Be too you same.

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