We Fight A Lot of Diseases in Peanuts
26 Aug 231 min 53 sec

Caleb talks about his disease control program for this peanut crop.

00:00 So, as you can see here, we're, we're checking out peanut field, uh, looking at the crop. And something that we fight a lot in peanuts is diseases. 00:09 So something that we're scouting for all the time and applying fungicides very routinely. Every 14 days or so, we're here with a sprayer, uh, 00:16 making sure our crop stays healthy, seasons long. So as we look through the peanuts, they're, they're looking pretty clean. Of course, we're still early in the season, 00:24 but one of the products that we're using out here is Cento. Something that, uh, we use a lot of in peanuts. 00:31 Cento is a real strong fungicide we have from F M C. It has two active ingredients in it. Caleb, it's got blue Triol as well as Dafen, 00:39 and it really shines in peanuts. It is excellent on early and late leaf spot to prevent that defoliation we're so concerned about, as well as the Soilborne disease white mold. 00:48 And so I believe these peanuts have had one spray. Mm-hmm. And something that's unique about Lucento is it is also truly systemic 00:56 and it has a long residual. So even though we're putting this out at 45 days, you'll see the effects from Lucento in this field for quite a while. 01:03 Right. So, like you mentioned, we're, we're basing our program off of our days after planting. So we're coming out day 45 with Lucento, and then we're coming back at day 75. 01:11 That's right. And I like that, uh, the flu triathlon there in the lunta. It's a active ingredient that we use in a lot of other crops, and it has mm-hmm. 01:19 Really, really good activity. So I, I do like using it and like you mentioned, it's, it is effective on a wide range of diseases. 01:26 So it's not something that we're just going after the one disease with this shot. It's something that we could get activity on a, on a lot of different, uh, 01:33 path. Yeah. And just one spray, you're able to control several diseases and it fits in really well with pretty much any peanut growers. Mm-hmm. Peanut fungicide schedule. 01:41 There's somewhere that lucento can fit and bring some advantage. Yep. Well, 01:45 appreciate you being out here with us and take a look at our peanuts this year.