We Can See Better Branching
24 Aug 232 min 10 sec

Chad's focus this season has been on finding the right mix to get more out of his double-crop beans.  His goal? Push them from 50-60 bpa to 80-90 bpa. He takes a look differences in branching in his

Concept AgriTek


00:00 You know, I'm, I'm still wound up pretty good on this double crop soybean deal, you know, um, 'cause we can make some pretty good wheat, you know, 00:07 anywhere from 80 to 90 bushel and then we can get it off in time to make some pretty good beans. You know, 00:12 we've made upwards of 70, 75 bushel double crop beans, but I just would love to be up in the eighties. Most time. We're landing in the fifties to the sixties, you know, 00:22 and 65 to 70 on the irrigated side and then, and anywhere from 30 to 50 on non irrigated according to the weather, you know, so, I mean, it's, it's a big, big player there. 00:30 The weather is on a double crop side as y'all well know, but, so we're looking at a program constant back, protect that, 00:36 that is a infra deal of about three products and then it's a herbicide deal of three. And then our fungicide, you know, 00:42 which would be the simple practice that we make. It would be a planning deal. And then the herbicide make, add a couple products and then we come back with a, 00:50 uh, fungicide part and we add a couple products. So it's a real simple deal. It ain't no running out there four or five T eight times, you know, 00:57 and trying to get it done. So I'm gonna show you what the beans look like at this point. We've had the two passes on them and we're waiting, 01:04 we're just like a little bit still being able to come to our fungicide pass. So I'm gonna to give you a look at what they look like. So 01:09 We'll give you the details later on about exactly what we de what, what Was 01:12 In the whole thing. The root systems are pretty similar, comparing that I had to just pull 'em up. I didn't have my shovel with me. 01:17 But what we're noticing right here is these have, you may have seen some, they had some amino grow on them. 01:22 Well what you've seen in that is look at the more branching we have right here. Now this one has branching, 01:28 but it's not the same type of branching that the other one has. And I tried my best to get it to where they was pretty close. You know, 01:34 just reach down and grab one and try to grab plants. That was pretty close in stature, but we can see the branching already on these. 01:42 That looks pretty good compared to this other one. This is the check here on this side and this is the treated on this side. And like I said, both root systems pretty good. But, um, 01:52 we're gonna be real anxious to see how it turns out here 'cause they're starting to put some fruit on now. And, uh, we'll keep y'all posted. But the, again, 01:59 these are the products from Concept Agritech and we just put a real simple program together and, uh, I'm looking forward to see how it turns out.

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