We Are Seeing Four to Five Pods on Each Location
31 Aug 232 min 31 sec

Johnny Verell is collaborating with Stoller to enhance the growth of bean plants this season. He discusses the program he is implementing on his soybeans and examines their progress during the R-6.5 stage.

00:00 Johnny Rell with a stream ag. I'm out here today with Jeremy Green with Stellar u s A and we're out here talking about the program that I did. I was able to trial for 'em this year. 00:08 We're kind of talking about what we were doing while we were putting certain products at certain times. And you know, we started out this year and we, we, 00:14 uh, didn't do anything infer with these beans, but we came back over and that uh, v V three B four application window there and we put in Bio Forge, 00:21 advance and excite. And so I got Jeremy here to kind of break down these products and let's just talk about why we put those products out at that point. 00:27 Yeah, so Bio Forge Advance is a proprietary abiotic, stress mitigator that we have contains Cobalt and Molly. Um, really we're using that cobalt portion kind of helped with, uh, 00:39 some of the stress reduction and then the moly, uh, will help with uh, nitrogen uptake and even nodule formation in the Bean. 00:46 So we're trying to influence, uh, what we can early with that product and then excite going out with it. Excite is a P G R product that is cytokine and only hormones work, um, 00:57 in different ways in the plant. So your cytokine and your cell division and then your aox oxygens are down below. So if we put that cytokine in, 01:03 we can build the upper portion of that plant and also help with the, uh, oxen development that will go down and help with root growth. 01:09 So we're just trying to build the bean up early with that herbicide pass, uh, in the season. And it's 01:13 Not a special pass throw down with your herbicide and run on. That's absolutely, that's the type of things I'm looking for on our farm is stuff that we're not 01:19 having to make special trips for to get that product out. So going into R one there, 01:23 I think we came back across these beans and we added excite again and we added what sugar move Sugar 01:28 Mover premieres. Yeah. Yeah. So Sugar mover Premier is another, uh, e p a registered hormone product, uh, that also contains boron and molybdenum. 01:36 So what we're trying to do, um, is use that boron and molybdenum to help move sugars into some of the fruiting points of the plant. Um, build some of that early, 01:46 some of those early pods, uh, and early pod development that we've got going on. And then the excite portion in there is again, uh, 01:54 really trying to up the cell division in the plant as it starts to flower. The more flowering or fruiting structures we can put on that plant, 02:01 the more yield potential we're gonna have at the end of the season. Yeah, and I mean on this plant here, every, every location had four, 02:07 four to five pods from most locations and most of 'em were three to four bean pods. There's a few two bean pods here, so, you know, 02:14 I think we're gonna be happy. This field here is about 50 acres. I planted or sprayed about half of it with this product and the other half's in 02:19 check. So we'll be able to tell real quick, you know, what we're seeing and just maybe get some replicated plots across this field. Yeah, absolutely. Awesome.

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