We are at Third Base
1 Aug 231 min 38 sec

An update on Matt's grower standard practice corn as he rounds third base and heads for home.

00:00 Guys just doing a little update on, on some fertility of stuff on our corn. Uh, we're basically at dent now. Um, so we're, we're, 00:09 we're probably third base, so we're on this corn. We've actually been, I say this corn, our corn crop this year. You know, 00:16 we've learned a lot from the guys about rounding the bases five years ago after we put our last tassel shot out of fertilize. You know, 00:24 we were pretty much done with corn and we have learned since then through a lot of help from a lot of different people, extreme ag weit, uh, you know, 00:33 that there's different things you can do to enhance that. And we're just out here today, uh, looking at some of this and, you know, 00:40 one of our grower standard practices is, includes a lot of nature's fertilizer from infer fertilizers, which we've cut back on some. 00:48 We backed down on our infer fertilizers and reallocated that money into, uh, different areas in the inferral. But, uh, anyway, uh, you know, 00:58 first down, we use a lot of it. We use a lot of triple option finish line. Nature's got a lot of good products and we've done something that we normally 01:06 hadn't done in the past, and that's, you know, extra fers. Anytime we're going over this corn, uh, 01:11 we're putting some kind of fertility with it. So looks like we've got a pretty decent crop. This is just off the end. Uh, you notice these ears kind of go up, so they go from, 01:21 from the end row as they go up. They're actually going up to the next node. Had a little issues with staying this year, uh, weather when we were planting, 01:29 but looks like we've got a pretty decent crop. And, uh, we'll keep you posted on the result.

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