We added The Right Fertility on These Late Planted Double-Crop Beans
4 Nov 232 min 9 sec

While combining his Concept AgriTek double crop beans trial, he decides to "spill the beans" on something he didn't mention planting time.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chet Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're cutting a few beans today. Uh, today we're cutting a concept Agritech plot. And when I, 00:09 when me and Bert talked about this plot and what we want to do with soybeans this year, I was like, man, I really need to still focus on the double crops. 00:17 You know, I, I like growing regular soybeans, but double crops where my passion is, seems like that's where our money is because we can, you know, 00:24 make the wheat crop and then come back and make the bean crop. We're just trying to figure out how to get a few more bushels out of our double 00:30 crops. And so in, you know, we we're going through several programs trying to get to that level of, of bean, you know, we're consistently making 70, 75 bushel, 00:41 double crop soybeans, you know, watered of course, you know. And, um, so we come up with a program here, 00:47 but what I didn't tell him is that we're going to put it in the field because we come in late on, 00:52 we're kind of going to put it in the field that where we had to do some, some other work. So it's going to be a little later planted not a big deal, 01:00 just a couple weeks later. And as y'all know, a couple weeks is huge. It's huge in when you're planting double crop soybeans. With that being said, 01:08 these beans that we're gathering right now are in the 60 58 to 64 bushel range. Now, I don't know if what y'all take, 01:17 but I'll take that for being planted the last week of June. Um, that's just a good number for us. 01:24 The earlier double crops made a little more than that, but it's a lot of the plant date is huge on these double crops y'all. And with then getting 'em off and getting them planted and get, I mean, 01:33 getting 'em off and getting 'em growing and that, that really comes in. So we come in with an infer program on these. We had some sugars, 01:39 had some biologicals, and had it in the inferral portion of it. And then we come back with two fos, one in herbicide, one with, uh, fungicides. 01:48 It was a real simple program and like I said, we'll get y'all the details on exact data, but they've been real good beans so far on this trial and, uh, looking, looking, 01:58 looking forward to doing more and, uh, to advance the double crop soybean saga.

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