Using All The Tools You Have to Promote Uniform Emergence
22 Apr 241m 26s

Numerous studies have shown that uneven emergence results in a yield penalty when the crop is harvested. So, since those first few days of a plant's life are so critical to farm ROI, why not use every tool you have to promote rapid and uniform emergence?

Chad Henderson shares insights on the strategic use of his center pivot irrigation system before the crop is out of the ground.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson with the extreme Ag and yeah, we watering corn. So this is one of the things we do in certain situations in 00:07 people's sometimes don't really think about. I know a lot of people irrigate a lot more than us, you know, but just remember to use your pivots 00:14 as the tool they are, and that's to get the corn outta the ground as well. So we had to work this field up 00:18 and it's been real windy for the last two or three days, and so it really dried it out. 00:23 And some of the seed was good in the moisture and some of the seed wasn't, and we want that uniform emergence. 00:29 And uniform emergence comes with uniform moisture, uniform planting depth, and we got that planting depth part. I think we're pretty close, as close as I think we could be. 00:38 And then the moisture part is where I'm lacking. So the pivot comes into play there. We're putting about three tenths 00:43 of water on it that'll get it to where the moisture will meet. And with that being meat, then that'll get 00:47 that part of it and seal the deal. We're expecting rain on in a couple of days, but I didn't wanna wait a couple days and then it not rain 00:55 and then turn around and then the emergence and the corn's already coming. Well, some's coming, some's not. 01:00 So when you're planting in conditions, that's not consistent. This is one of the tools you can use 01:05 to make the moisture consistent and it don't take much. You know, it just right here we're putting out about three tenths. 01:11 So don't forget to use your pivots for what they're made for and that's putting water out. 01:15 It ain't just always in the summer. It could definitely be in the in the spring as well. Another tip stream ag. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned.

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