Water Conditioning For Better Biology

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18 Jan 235 min 10 secPremium Content

Lee Lubbers has spent over a decade researching methods for conditioning his water so that it does not kill the biology in his field. He shares his findings, best practices, methods and products he uses to make his water work for him.

Hey everybody. This is Lee lubbers the extreme AG recently. We had a member asked about chlorine and biology. And that is a very interesting topic and also a very money-saving or very expensive topic how you address it if you apply biological products in a spray solution or in Furrow with water. You definitely need to add a product to get rid of your chlorine hefty's make bio prep is a chlorine disbursement agent in redneck terms chlorine killer you add that your tank and your water and it's in a matter of seconds. You can tell the difference and smell it the chlorine disappears. You've got rid of your chlorine if you're applying biology. Otherwise, you're wasting your money. Why do I know this? I have spent over 10 years my brother and I researching trying different things trying to solve that issue and it cost us a lot of money to get there. But now there are solutions for it. I highly recommend bio prep for chlorine disbursement. And another product they have is water right that works with your bringing your pH into maximum the maximum Zone where you need to be and also it helps solubilize the insolubles that are usually in your water your iron your copper your magnesium. If you haven't pulled a water test the full water test in the water you need to if you haven't it's costing you money. a lot of money we always look at this. Water. Hey, it's clear water's water. No it is not. If you're on a Rural Water District, like we are you can get that test very easily they have to do those tests repeatedly throughout the year and turn those into the state and federal government so you can get a full test very easy. If you're not in a rural water district go to your local Extension agent and or just contact through your state. They can send you a kit. Send it in find out where your Waters at and what you need to get handled on it because you need to get it down to where it's the ideal solution you think about all the thousands of dollars you put in your spray tank, and the one thing that hasn't been cautioned anything has been costing you a lot if you're not properly addressing it once you address your water. Totally changes the way you look at things your chemistry's work better biological work better fungicides work better. Everything works better. You're maximizing your money instead of losing your efficacy. I have read studies were up to 30 to 40 percent decrease as in efficacy on chemistry. including Roundup Because water was not properly addressed too high a pH is terrible water and there's bad water out there. You got to watch you've got to learn what your water is and then talk to someone who understands water and get it set. Right and there's low cost ways to do it the two products from hefty's very low cost. We use those another one. We like to use here is full Tech. From Straight Tech. It's a really good adjuvant. We're a fan of it. It helps with the pH issue and it really keeps things nice and solution in the tank when you're running multiple products and it keeps the sides of our spray tank clean. We can run multiple things atrazine. You name it a lot of clay based things and nothing that hears the Tank tank is whistle clean. So it's been a good product. It also has it in here for drift control for our average loads to jugs and sprayer load. It's simple it's easy it works. But going back to chlorine biology you have to address chlorine and get rid of it. And then once you do that. Do yourself a favor? address your water It's the one thing that if you have not been doing has cost you thousands of dollars every year. And once you start getting it set right guess what you're making thousands of dollars. Probably no work. That's pretty darn. Good Roi once we addressed water properly in our own operation. For spraying and inferral it's been the best Roi of almost anything that we've incorporated into our operation because years they finally get to all the solutions for it, but they're out there. And a highly recommend everyone watching this video to do that. It's one of the simplest steps you can do and the biggest paybacks. I'm Lee lubers extreme AG. Let's do it.

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